Launching My Calm Blanket on Shopify

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My Calm Blanket presented us with the opportunity to take a modern looking website and create it into a space where people want to purchase comfortable blankets. The goal was only to use variants, not a collection page.


We opted to create a homepage that featured all the variants of the single product along with different options. We studied other blanket and linen retailers to discover how they successfully sell blankets through eCommerce.  

my calm blanket home page built by parkfield commerce my calm blanket home page built by parkfield commerce

Innovative ways to purchase

The homepage and product page feature a weight selector that highlights that there are different blanket weights for different body types. This allows the customer to select the right blanket.

1532980647 calmdesktop2
1541603109 calmproduct

Mobile-first approach

We designed the weight selector options so that they were intuitive and easy to use on mobile devices.

1541603097 calmproductphone mobile landing page for blanket mobile product page

Our experience with Parkfield was above our highest expectations. They were attentive, patient, helpful and professional throughout the entire experience from start to finish. 

1535119473 gabe
Founder of My Calm Blanket

Final Results

This design was a simple, two-page website that leads people directly from the homepage to the product page without distraction or confusion.

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