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LXGS wanted a site that was simple, elegant and captured the heart of Portuguese design and lifestyle, which complemented their amazing, high-quality images shot in Portugal. They market to young women, so we created an aesthetic that was in unison with LXGS’ vision and brand.


We created a crisp, clean design, using neutral and pastel colors that showcases lifestyle products unique to Portugal. This brand markets to young women, so we implemented femininity throughout the website to create a tasteful and simplistic solution for LXGS’ web development goals.

Apparel home good jewelry home page design Apparel home good jewelry home page design

Innovative ways to purchase

We designed a simple navigation menu that allows users to easily access products and information. The Collection page uses sub-navigation with filters, a grid format, and auto-loading upon scroll with an elegant rollover that displays the name and price of each product.

The product page shows off LXGS' amazing product photography. Images are linked to a variant, as well as related products within the same collection. The blog page is set up with sub-navigation and a square image grid, so users can easily find something that interests them. 

Apparel home good jewelry product page design
Apparel home good jewelry product page design

Mobile-first approach

For the products, we designed a first tap view to roll over and a second tap to link to the products page. There is a horizontal scrolling option for Instagram as well as horizontal and vertical scrolling for product images.

Apparel home good jewelry mobile product page Apparel home good jewelry mobile landing page Apparel home good jewelry mobile website

Our experience with Parkfield was above our highest expectations. They were attentive, patient, helpful and professional throughout the entire experience from start to finish.

1535123044 rita
Rita Filipe Founder

Final Results

This elegant site has a timeless feel that effortlessly showcases their high-quality images. It perfectly fits the clients aesthetic and brand image.

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