Elevating the Italian Shave Experience
for the Modern Man

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This was Proraso’s first eCommerce site for their US market. They wanted to create a sophisticated product categorization which can prove challenging during build-a-set. They also envisioned combining Italian history into a creative yet relevant online store for today’s modern man.


We took a deep dive into the shaving and men’s grooming industry by chatting with barbers to find out exactly what they love about these products. Then we built a website focused on the client’s demographic, creating a masculine storefront that makes finding Proraso products fast and easy.

Home page built by Parkfield Commerce Home page built by Parkfield

Innovative ways to purchase

Starting on the homepage, customers can shop by formula and can use a formula switcher to discover what makes each product unique. The product page offers both subscription and one-time tabs, so customers can opt for a recurring order if they choose.

Customers can “Complete the Shave,” by adding shaving cream and aftershave at checkout for an exclusive discount. Shoppers can also "Build a Set" and customize their order.  A calendar sidebar was added to showcase various events on Proraso's schedule.

Product page built by Parkfield Commerce
Product page built by Parkfield Commerce

Mobile-first approach

We ensured that all functionalities were intuitive, functional, and had formula select options on both mobile and desktop. Making sure the site was compatible with all devices was imperative.

We built a slide-out menu and cart and created a “Complete the Shave” status bar to help customers continue moving forward to complete the purchase which decreases abandoned carts.

Mobile product page built by Parkfield Commerce Product page built by Parkfield Product page built by Parkfield

Our experience with Parkfield was above our highest expectations. They were attentive, patient, helpful and professional throughout the entire experience from start to finish. 

1535119284 allison
Allison Stefanoni Sales & Administrative Assistant

Final Results

We created a website that describes Proraso's rich Italian history and seamlessly aligns with their brand guidelines all while maintaining a modern feel.

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