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Rule One migrates to Shopify, gains a 14% lift in total orders and a 9% increase in average order value.

Store Migration
Shopify Plus

The Brand

It’s a situation we deal with a lot. A dedicated company, a great catalog of products, a team that’s so focused on providing great service to their customers… they often don’t have the time to focus on improving and maintaining their D2C store. For Rule One Proteins, this was a problem they were determined to overcome.

For years, the company had been using Magento. But with a growing customer base and steadily increasing demand for their protein powders, the platform was having trouble keeping up. It was time to future-proof their eCommerce storefront by migrating to Shopify.


Move it or lose it

As an industry-leader in premium protein powders the company could not afford to waste any time cleaning up after a botched migration. Magento was already limiting their growth; if they weren’t able to immediately get up and running on a new platform, they’d be letting their hardwon customers down. That could not happen.

Reaching out to us, it became clear that Rule One was looking for an expert team who could ensure a flawless move to the new platform. Here, we would need to deliver both a fully-functional, modern store… and peace of mind. Fortunately, the brand was working with a team that excels at doing exactly that (hint: that’s us).


Off to a strong start

It’s not often we work with a client who has such a clear picture of where they want to end up. With Rule One, we were working with a company that came to us with high-fidelity designs and wireframes for all the new pages they wanted on the new site.

On paper, that might appear to be less work for our team.

However, somewhat counterintuitively, this aspect of the project actually added an extra layer of complexity. Not only would we need to migrate the Rule One store, all their product & customer data, and add new functionality— we would also need to ensure that every single pixel was perfectly in line with the designs they’d drawn up.

After gathering our development team and going over the intended designs with Rule One, we put together a plan. We would use existing tools to integrate with their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution, add some extra functionality by leveraging Shopify apps, migrate all their data (customers, orders, product, content, etc.), and — because we’re Parkfield — we’d also include some of our design upgrades along the way. Here’s how it all panned out…


A little heavy lifting

Helping Rule One craft a better, more long-term eCommerce solution for their customers was no easy feat. With our engineers working away on the technical details of such a large migration, our developers and creative teams sat down with the client and came up with a few quick ways to make the Rule One store more valuable to their customers. To name a few:

  • We increased average order value by adding a “Shop By Flavor” feature. This way, customers could purchase multiple protein powders, snack bars, meal supplements and more— all in the same flavor they love.
  • By implementing a “Subscribe and Save” loyalty program, we helped the company increase their customer lifetime value, turning one-time buyers into long-time brand advocates.
  • Get our front end and back end teams involved with building, installing and customizing a selection of apps, tools and filters. These include a ‘Shop by Flavor’ filtering tool and a ‘Subscribe and Save’ option that would reward and encourage recurring purchases.
  • To decrease bounce, we included a fixed header to make checkout easier, and forever top of mind for anyone browsing the site. This worked wonders for the brand’s abandoned cart rates, helping ensure a shorter, easier path to purchase.

Naturally, we were also careful to build for both humans and search engines, structuring their code and content according to best practices in on-page SEO. And, because this is the 21st century, our team made sure the entire site would work perfectly on any device— mobile, tablet, or desktop.

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"We originally chose a different agency because the company appeared bigger than Parkfield did. I felt that they had more capability… didn't end up being the case."
Brandon Newton
Director of Marketing, RMR

A more powerful store that sells like crazy.

Total Sales
Total Orders
Conversion Rate
Average Order Value

We can’t take credit for the beautiful design of Rule One’s new store. After all, they already had designs ready when we started the project. However, due to our improvements to their UI/UX and our focus on building for conversions, the Rule One store of today is doing better than ever before.

Today, the company enjoys 14% more customer orders than they received while on BigCommerce. What’s more, the average order value has also shot up by 9%. In other words, not only are more people purchasing protein… they’re buying more of it in a single purchase than ever before.

But you know what makes us the most proud?

The data migration could not have gone better. Every bit and every byte ended up exactly where it needed to be. Their new eCommerce ERP solution works better than it did before, allowing the company to make smart, strategic decisions as they continue to scale up and manage their growth.

Bottom line— we delivered a D2C store that earns more money than it’s predeccessor, while simultaneously demonstrating to Rule One that they picked the right partner. Here, you can rest easy, no matter how complex your migration looks.

If you’re at the beginning of your own migration project and need a capable partner with years of experience… you’ve found a team that can make it happen. Contact us today, and let’s help you future-proof your business without any headache.

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