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Proraso launches first D2C store, takes a big slice of US shaving market, increases sales by 153%.

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The Brand

Proraso’s avant-garde business style and marketing strategies have helped them grow into a powerful brand. Enriching the shaving experience for more than three generations of bestubbled men, they’re a quickly recognizable name in the industry.

At least… in Italy they are.

Elsewhere, they’re not quite a household name. They came to us in 2018 looking to change that. Specifically, they wanted to revamp the brand, bring it into the modern age, and start capitalizing the growing acceptance of online shopping amongst their customers.


Outgrowing their borders.

Looking to sell in a new market is tough. To succeed, the world’s first Proraso D2C store would need to hook new buyers with a modern feature set, while still feeling like the same, dependable brand that their existing customers know and trust. Specifically, the brand needed to reach:

  • The everyday American shaver who wants to feel good about the products he chooses to use each morning.
  • Professional barbers who need high-ticket, “pro” product lines so their clients can feel great about their paid shaving experience.

Adding to the challenge, it quickly became obvious that Proraso was dipping their toes into an already-crowded market. Ever since Dollar Shave Club changed the industry with their subscription service, the shaving world has gone through a massive transformation. Harry’s, Bigelow, and even brands like Gillette that have never sold D2C before, are now embracing the modern eCommerce consumer with online stores.

Whatever solution our team came up with, it would have to stand out.

We would need to think outside the box, and find a way to offer a better D2C experience for bearded online shoppers. A reason for them to take a chance on Proraso. Our first step— coming up with a plan.

Opportunity for brand to tell their story to new customers
Interface to quickly find products that match unique shaving preferences
Opportunity for brand to tell their story to new customers
Easy, quick-buy functionality for seamless experience

Rising to the challenge.

Creating a new D2C store that targets multiple audiences, carries over existing brand equity, and steals market share from established eCommerce brands? Not a problem.

As always, we started out by first getting a deep understanding of Proraso, their customers, and the overall D2C shaving market.

Speaking with barbers and other hair care professionals, we were able to narrow down the differences/pain points between Proraso’s two audiences. Along with our exhaustive market research & competitor analysis, we soon had enough raw information to begin identifying opportunities to differentiate Proraso’s site from the rest of the industry.

We came back to the client with a plan.

Opportunity for brand to tell their story to new customers
Interface to quickly find products that match unique shaving preferences
Interface to quickly find products that match unique shaving preferences
Easy, quick-buy functionality for seamless experience

A cut above the rest.

How do you stand out in a crowded market? Innovate.

Proraso’s new store wouldn’t be the same, tired Shopify template that you’ve likely seen a hundred times already. Instead, we were determined to deliver a cutting-edge storefront full of new, innovative features that customers wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. The final solution would include:

  • A new, “Find Your Formula” experience to appeal to new customers who hadn’t used Proraso products before.
  • An upsell feature, “Complete the Shave” to help customers get everything they need in one purchase, while simultaneously helping Proraso increase their average order value (AVO).
  • Options to shop by “category”, “formula”, and the more customer-centric, “skin/beard type”. This would allow customers to quickly find products that match their unique shaving preferences.
  • Adding a recurring subscription option to help turn First Purchasers into Repeat Customers.
  • A section for the brand’s “Single Blade” product line to appeal to professional barbers and help reach the Proraso’s secondary demographic.

Being a Parkfield build, the D2C store would also include the latest in modern on-page SEO tactics, UX/UI best practices, and an emphasis on solid, dependable functionality. With just weeks to get the store launched, the gang got to work— and boy are we proud of the results.

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"Parkfield goes above and beyond to ensure a flawless development experience - they complete all projects quickly & thoroughly and are available for follow up adjustments for until the project is perfect."
Daina Nadler
VP of Sales, Proraso

Great design, innovative features, and sooooo many sales.

Total Sales
Total Orders

Catered to Proraso’s target demographics, the company’s new D2C store offers a masculine design aesthetic, creative upsell/cross sell features, and plenty of room for the brand to tell their story to new customers. It’s a store that connects with the audience in a unique way, and communicates all the values that the Proraso brand has come to embody— innovative, customer-focused, premium.

But flashy design isn’t worth anything if it doesn’t translate to sales. So how’s the site doing now? Well, in the last year alone, sales have increased by 153%. Proraso has also found new ways to grow their brand using the store as a foundation (running experiential marketing campaigns, offering rich media experiences, etc.)

We’re proud to see how far the company has come in such a short time, going from a little-known Italian brand to an essential piece of any serious shaver’s toolkit.

This could be your story, too. If you’re ready to move to a new market, sell D2C for the first time, or expand your brand by targeting a different kind of customer, click below and let’s set up some time to chat.

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