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RMR Solutions refresh their brand, go online-only, boosting revenue by 33% with new D2C Shopify store.

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The Brand

If you need to get rid of mold, RMR Solutions should be your first port of call. Since 2013, the company has been revolutionizing the mold remediation industry with cutting-edge products that drastically reduce the time, effort, and cost required to tackle mold for both commercial and domestic users.

RMR Solutions have hands-down some of the best cleaning products in the sector. However, until recently it wasn’t always easy to get hold of them. With a lackluster website and underperforming local distributor channel, RMR needed to breathe new life into their brand. Already interested in Shopify, they started searching for a D2C agency who could help them pull it off.

They didn’t pick us… at first.


Distributor disappointment

After a wasted year spent grappling with distributors, RMR Solutions were fed up. They had taken a chance in choosing to sell their industry-leading mold removal products through local distributors, and the gamble hadn’t paid off. Revenue wasn’t reaching the expected levels, and the team was worried about cannibalizing sales coming through their online store.

It was clear that RMR needed to make a radical change, and so they decided to shut down the distributor channel and revert to an online-only sales approach. Additionally, the team wanted to capitalize on the transition to D2C by creating a standalone channel for their customers. Rather than selling through their existing website, they wanted to relaunch the entire brand under a new domain with a modern Shopify store.

"We originally chose a different agency because the company appeared bigger than Parkfield did. I felt that they had more capability… didn't end up being the case."
Brandon Newton
Director of Marketing, RMR

Choosing an agency. Twice.

To make their vision a reality, RMR set out to find a partner that could help rebuild their search rankings, improve online traffic, and boost conversion rates. You know, the same stuff you can read on the homepage of any marketing agency.

Comparing us against the competition, they ran into a common pitfall: assuming a larger agency would therefore be a more powerful agency.


Regrouping, RMR Solutions got us on the phone. They now had less time than they had at the beginning of the process. The clock was ticking. RMR needed a partner that could actually come through on their promises— they needed Parkfield.


Unlocking new opportunities

We got to work immediately, rebuilding RMR’s online sales channel and fixing the flaws created by the previous agency. And as always, we started with a comprehensive audit of RMR’s existing sales data, looking for the strongest opportunities to move the growth needle.

“They took our previous year's numbers, and they took what industry standards should show as far as an improvement. They took about four different scenarios and showed us that if we made this update, it should increase this, and they used very modest numbers. They actually showed what kind of value we could potentially see in some of the changes.”

The project was initially focused on marketing strategy, but our data-driven approach gave Brandon the confidence to expand the engagement to cover social channels and AdWords as well. Our research showed us precisely what customers were looking for, and how they were searching for it, and we used that knowledge to introduce a host of new optimizations to RMR’s online presence.

RMR even changed an entire product line based on customer search data that we uncovered, rebranding their organic mold killer as a botanical cleaner. A simple change that has made a massive difference.

“Because of Parkfield’s audit, we didn't have to take a stab in the dark. We knew what was searched most, and we changed our product to match. And now, we’re selling a lot of it.”

Our audit also revealed an untapped resource with tremendous potential: email marketing. This channel would enable RMR to get the word out quickly about new products, offers, and critical information — such as the fact that their disinfectant was registered for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19. Brandon had doubts about whether email marketing could work for a company selling cleaning products, but in the last month alone, email has contributed almost $75,000 in sales, easily a 10x return on RMR’s marketing investment.

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Cleaning up in sales

Total Revenue
Average Order Value

Today, RMR and Parkfield are working together to deliver a conversion-driven shopping experience to both consumers and professionals. Since the partnership began, the brand’s revenue has increased by 33%, and that number will only rise as we continue to target new customers and introduce new marketing optimizations.

But improved sales figures aren’t the only benefit of the partnership. Shifting the daily responsibilities of campaign management off Brandon’s shoulders has also been a huge relief.

“Now I can take a high-level view instead of being in the trenches, and it helps me expand my mind on different ways to direct customers to our product… Not having to deal with all the minutiae of the daily management of those campaigns has allowed me and our team to focus on bigger things.”

Despite the overwhelming success of the project, RMR has no intentions of resting on its laurels. The company is already preparing for a major site migration and rebuild on Shopify Plus. No prizes for guessing which agency they’ve chosen to help them.

“We're in negotiation right now to do a complete redesign and rebuild of the site and moving up to the Shopify Plus platform… We actually haven't even interviewed another company for the design build.”

Is your online store due for a refresh?

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