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Anne Cole’s first ever eCommerce store increases total sales by 58%, converts 4%+ on all traffic, and looks amazing while doing so.

Site build
Klaviyo, Loox, Four Sixty, Celigo

The Brand

Anne Cole’s fiery, no-holds-barred approach to business helped her build a powerful brand in the mid-twentieth century. Swimwear for any figure, the brand stood out in the 50’s and 60’s for it’s realistic, relatable approach to design. Growing, the company’s innovative swimsuits soon stocked the shelves of retailers worldwide, becoming a widely-recognized name in the industry. From the outside, it seemed the company could do no wrong.

However, fast forward to 2018 and the company was in a bit of a bind.

They were at the drawing board, trying to figure out how to relaunch the Anne Cole brand to today’s tech-savvy online shopper. Key to their strategy’s success would be their eCommerce store, one that would capitalize on existing brand equity, but still be chock-full of all the modern features that make today’s eCommerce stores so effective.


It was time for a change.

We’ve all seen what happens when a company is unable to modernize (remember Blockbuster?). The Anne Cole brand was determined not to make that mistake. Embracing the industry’s move to eCommerce and their customers’ growing preference for online shopping, Anne Cole was on the verge of making a bold move. It was time to reduce their dependence on retailers and big-box stores, launching the first Anne Cole eCommerce store in history.

They gave us a call.

After walking through their goals, target customers, and new company direction, we got to work on a solution. It was clear that whatever we came up with would need to be more than just a powerful, effective online store. By taking this on, we were responsible for the future of the brand, the newest chapter in their long history. We couldn’t wait to get started.

Many opportunities to showcase beautiful lifestyle imagery
Detailed size guide pages to minimize returns
Many opportunities to showcase beautiful lifestyle imagery
Flawless UX from homepage to checkout

The perfect fit.

Relaunching an already established brand is a unique challenge. How modern should the design be? Go too far, and you risk alienating existing customers or coming off as inauthentic. Don’t go far enough, and you may appear out of touch or give your more modern competitors an easy advantage.

Getting this right meant finding a design that “fit” the Anne Cole brand.

Our team gathered old lookbooks and catalogs, comparing them with the brand’s more recent photoshoots and video. We looked for overarching themes, and a general sense of how the brand speaks to customers. Digging deeper, we sat down for interviews with the marketing, sales, and design teams at Anne Cole, even going so far as to visit their headquarters in person. This was a brand with personality, and we were determined to understand it before starting on their first ever D2C eCommerce store.

Regrouping, and with a good idea of the brand’s mood and tone in mind, we went looking for a Shopify theme that could be tweaked to match the Anne Cole brand.

Many opportunities to showcase beautiful lifestyle imagery
Detailed size guide pages to minimize returns
Detailed size guide pages to minimize returns
Flawless UX from homepage to checkout

Tailoring everything to spec.

With a cearly-defined vision for what the new Anne Cole store would become, we settled on a Shopify theme named, ‘Prestige’. This was a versatile theme, with support for added applications like Klaviyo and Four Sixty. More importantly, the theme was easy for our design team to work with, customize, and ensure a flawless UX from home page to checkout.

While the creatives got to work on the frontend, the rest of our team started working on the store’s functionality. The final storefront would need to:

  • Manage product reviews with Loox: collecting reviews, prompting customers to leave their feedback, and providing a richer post-purchase experience.
  • Include product filter and search, as well as a fully-digital “lookbook” experience to help customers quickly find a swimsuit that speaks to them.
  • Get the site up to speed on the latest on-page SEO practices, helping them appear in search results alongside their competitors.
  • Work seamlessly with Anne Cole’s existing product management system, Netsuite, so they can quickly update the store when needed.

Within months, we had a prototype ready for review. We continued to work hand-in-hand with the client, polishing the site together and ensuring to measure the new design against the Anne Cole brand at each step. In April, after crossing each t and dotting every i, the site went live.

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"Our experience working with Parkfield was absolute perfection. Their team listened to our needs and wants and delivered on every aspect in a professional and collaborative manner."
Josh Kitlas
Marketing Director, Anne Cole

New store, new long-lasting partnership.

Total Sales
Total Orders
Store Conversion Rate

Today,  the Anne Cole brand still sells an incredible amount of swimwear through major retailers each year. However, their powerful new Shopify site now helps them capture a larger share of the market, giving Anne Cole customers an easy online alternative.

Immediately after launching, the store reported a conversion rate of around 4% on all traffic (yes, cold traffic too) coming to the site. In total, the company has seen a lift in sales of 133% since launching their eCommerce site.

What’s more, after working with us on this project, the client has come back multiple times, getting our help as they continue to move their brands to eCommerce (Catalina, Swimsuits Direct, Wowease, etc,). Each time, the project requires a different approach, different solution, and a different way of speaking to customers.

We make sure they get the full Parkfield experience each and every time.

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