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Excel Blades gets creative with their Shopify rebuild, boosting revenue by more than 57%.

Site Rebuild
Shopify, Findify

The Brand

If you need a knife or blade — whether it’s for jewelry making, woodworking, or even vinyl car wrapping — Excel Blades has you covered. For over 30 years, this family-owned and - operated manufacturer has been committed to providing the highest quality tools, while maintaining a keen focus on customer communication.
But expectations have changed a lot in recent years. Appetite for direct-to-consumer buying was already on the rise, and the COVID-19 pandemic pushed demand even higher. Excel were determined to meet this need, and to make that happen, they realized what today’s customer expects is an eCommerce platform that is easy to search, easy to use, and easy to purchase from. In other words, they needed a Parkfield-built eCommerce store.


Sharpening an outdated UX

Do you know the difference between a utility knife and a snap blade? If not, don’t worry. You’re in the majority. This was one of several problems with Excel’s legacy eCommerce channel: even though customers could recognize the blade they needed if they saw it, without knowing its name, it was incredibly difficult to find what they needed on the original store.

This was just one example of the issues affecting their customer’s path to purchase. Unfortunately, these usability shortcomings were contributing to a disappointing customer experience that was at odds with the company’s consumer-first philosophy.

To put it bluntly, the old Excel Blades website was similar to the online stores of most other manufacturers in the sector— frustrating to navigate and at least a little dull. With more and more people shopping for knives online, and especially via mobile, Excel Blades realized that they were missing out on a massive opportunity to capture customer interest and market share.



Cutting complexity

Just like quality tools are fundamental to a craft project, Excel Blades knew that a quality eCommerce partner would be critical to making their redesign a success. And that’s why they reached out to Parkfield. We saw immediately that the existing site would require far more than a fresh coat of paint, and so we set about doing what we do best… rebuilding the entire store from the ground up.

Since so many of Excel’s customers are artists and craftsmen, we strove for a design that would resonate with these creative individuals. Implementing interactive features at every turn, we put together a bespoke storefront that leads with colorful imagery, spotlighting not just the products, but the amazing things you can do with them.

Placing a new focus on the mobile user experience, we added mobile-friendly buttons that invite customers to shop by usage or type, and quickly differentiate between knives and blades. To provide all the information that buyers might need without cluttering the interface, we neatly tucked away product details, shipping, and care instructions within tappable tabs.

The improved layout makes it infinitely easier to find the tool you’re looking for. But if you still don’t want to browse, you can use the new visual blade selector. We designed this guided selling solution to help customers quickly identify the product they need based on appearance, ensuring a smooth user experience even if you don’t know the name of the blade you’re after. This isn’t something you’ll find in a pre-built Shopify template. It’s something highly-specific to Excel, their customers, and the way people shop for blades online.

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"The team at Parkfield Commerce is awesome! They are all so helpful, professional, organized, and efficient. This team was able to take all of our thoughts and ideas together and deliver a website that we truly love! Working with Parkfield Commerce was an absolute pleasure."
Kenda Hammam
Marketing Director, Excel Blades

Creative, engaging… and wildly successful

Store Conversion Rate
Total Orders
Monthly Revenue

Excel Blades interacts constantly with the industries it serves, communicating directly with customers every day through social media, email, and even over the phone. And now, the brand finally has a website that reflects and leverages this commitment to customer service, providing precisely what buyers want in a format that’s tailored to their needs.

The results of the transformation have been staggering. Now that the site is easier to navigate and customers aren’t being put off by an uninspired storefront, conversion rate has shot up by 25%. What’s more, not only are more visitors buying, visitors are buying more, with total orders rising by 49%.

Together, these improvements have contributed to a near-unbelievable 57% revenue boost.

With a little help from Parkfield, Excel has unlocked a major competitive advantage, now able to stand out with a cutting-edge (no pun intended!) store amongst a market full of lackluster websites and unremarkable customer journeys. For discerning artisans, craftspeople, or anyone in need of a precision blade, there’s now only one place you’d ever want to go for your tools— Excel Blades.

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