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Helimix Sees 33% Revenue Increase with Website and Subscriber Strategy Revamp

Project Overview

D2C Site Rebuild & End-to-End Strategy
Attentive, Klaviyo, Judge.me, Videowise, Growave, Shopify
Fitness/Sporting Goods
Company size
1-50 Employees

Top line results

It all started with a washing machine. While at the gym with a friend, Helimix founder and CEO Jordan Holmes noticed that it took upwards of 20 minutes for the friend to mix a simple protein shake with a ball mixer. He knew there had to be a better way. Inspired by the agitator in his washing machine, he came up with the design for a shaker cup with no whisk, no ball bearings, and most importantly, no clumps. 

Since its founding in 2017, Helimix has enjoyed enormous success, quickly topping seven figures in revenue and partnering with multiple other fitness brands. They approached Parkfield with the goal of supporting both their current and future growth. We were tasked with revamping their website and planning a marketing outreach strategy to lower their bounce rate, improve conversions, and provide a better overall user experience. 



Designing for mobile devices


Designing for mobile devices


Although roughly 87.35% of Helimix's traffic came from mobile devices, their mobile bounce rate was incredibly high at 64%. They knew they needed to improve page performance and provide mobile shoppers with a better overall experience. We redesigned the site with a cleaner, more modern look and simultaneously created a separate set of pages for mobile devices.

Improving conversions with a user-centric approach


Improving conversions with a user-centric approach


With a conversion rate of 3.93% and an average order value of $26.37, Helimix needed a way to both draw prospects in and inspire them to spend more. In addition to our mobile redesign, we revamped Helimix's messaging to focus more on what made their product and brand unique. On-site reviews, email flows, and an improved checkout process would also help the company capture more sales.

Engaging with subscribers and VIPs


Engaging with subscribers and VIPs


Outreach was another major challenge facing Helimix. They wanted to build a community around their brand which would allow them to not only attract more prospects, but also encourage repeat business from their customers. We worked with the company to develop an email and SMS marketing strategy which we then tied to an overall promotional strategy.

Positioning for Success

Helimix was doing very well for themselves. But they knew that they could be doing even better. Parkfield revamped their website with a focus on mobile users, while also helping them develop a long-term marketing and growth strategy.

Working Out the Kinks

As we often do, we began our work with Helimix by performing a thorough evaluation of the company. This primarily involved a deep dive audit of their website, email flows, and SMS flows. We also performed a full EBA analysis of the Helimix brand, speaking to everyone from customers to stakeholders to business partners. From there, we knew precisely what needed to be done — and more importantly, how we would do it.

The Solution

Overhauling the User Experience

For Helimix's website, we leveraged Shopify's Streamline Core theme.

We started with a set of standard templates, creating pages with elements that were already present in the theme. These pages included product collections, shipping, warranty, brand ambassador details, blog, about, privacy policy, and 404. We also created a custom homepage, product page, and a Helimix Athletes affiliate page. 

During this process, we focused our attention on several key areas:

  • Backend development work to make the site as mobile-friendly as possible.
  • Reworking copy into a more narrative-focused, 'storytelling' format. 
  • Ensuring customers understood the product and brand in seconds by displaying value propositions and unique selling points above the fold. 
  • Incorporating testimonials/reviews into product pages.
  • Streamlining the purchase and checkout process. 
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Building Long-Term Loyalty

Further improving Helimix's conversion rate and encouraging repeat buyers began with segmenting the company's 40,360 email and SMS subscribers.

Because Helimix had not run any email or SMS campaigns prior to working with Parkfield, we opted to begin with a warm up campaign. We also updated and optimized branded Helimix email templates for welcome flow, browse abandonment, checkout abandonment, and win back flows, ensuring they reflected the new site design. Finally, we set popups to capture new email and SMS subscriptions.

From there, we explored several promotional strategies and opportunities for email and SMS including special offers, loyalty programs, and referral bonuses.

A Strong Technology Stack

Expertise and design work are only part of the equation in revamping a website. The technology stack is equally important, providing crucial functionality that enhances the user experience, improves conversions, and supports outreach effort. To that end, we identified several key technologies for Helimix to deploy: 

  • Klaviyo to support both email outreach and lead recapture. 
  • Judge.me to gather and display on-site reviews.
  • Growave as a foundation for Helimix's new loyalty and referral programs. 

The Results

The Results

Fast-forward to today and Helimix now has a powerful end-to-end marketing strategy in place — one that’s further supported by a stunning site rebuild. 

With a powerful email and SMS marketing strategy in place that’s supported with a 6 month calendar and updated flows for win backs, warm ups, and other customer engagements, it’s easier than ever for the company to promote their products and campaigns. 

That’s not all, the company’s win back email campaign for their new top achieved an impressive 23% open rate, 2.6% CTR, and 1% order rate, leading to a $1,500 surge in revenue in only one day.

The end results are simple: Helimix now has all the tools in place to engage and impress customers across all channels. They can easily promote new products, win back existing customers, and reduce friction points all throughout the customer journey.

Open Rate
Increase in Revenue
Conversion Rate Boost


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