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John Heilman, Founder

"After heading down the wrong path in choosing a website company too many times, it was important to us to find a partner for our new website that could follow through on agreed-upon timelines and budgets - and Parkfield did exactly that. They were extremely responsive, supportive, and overall a pleasure to work with. They joined a larger team to execute a final product that was exactly as promised - or better. We would highly recommend them."

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Homenature is a furniture design company focused on unique pieces. They manufacture many influential pieces, and their interior designers cater to the luxury Manhattan and the Hamptons consumer. They have physical outlets in these markets, with an ambition to reach a wider audience through their online presence.


After mounting issues with launching on Magento; Homenature decided that they reached their limit and lost faith in the Magento platform. They needed a solution that would allow them into the eCommerce arena in a flexible, robust, and cost-effective way. 

As premier furniture and interior designers this site needed to reflect their commitment to beauty and design. homenature.com would need to be easy to update, would need to be flawless across all platforms and devices, and would need to be able to display a wide array of products beautifully. Their site would need to synchronize inventories with three physical points of sale and a warehouse!

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Homenature partnered with Marchburn Designs to spearhead design and migration while tasking Parkfield to handle the important development of this custom build. 

The platform chosen was Shopify® and unique approaches were taken on product page layout. Multiple product templates were assigned for individual products, to display sets of products that can be sold as single units or part of a whole combining multiple products onto single product pages. 

A standalone solution for tying together missing pieces of an inventory system that would synchronize all outlets was devised and implemented to translate data pushed to the site into usable data for Shopify®.