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Erik Hanna, Director of eCommerce

“...From their expertise in site and feature planning, through design, and project management - they are one of the best firms I have had the pleasure of working with. They helped us flawlessly through our migration from Magento to Shopify®. The team at Parkfield is always quick to respond to our needs, they truly care about the success and satisfaction of their clients..."

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Netaya, one of the leading online destinations for fine jewelry, came to us with a planned migration of their site from Magento over to Shopify Plus® for its cost-effective, user-friendly and fully hosted solution. With this migration, we were tasked with developing a redesigned, sleek, easy-to-navigate, custom online store that evokes a sense of luxury.


Magento by nature is very different from Shopify® in that there are several attribute fields that don't exactly align with the Shopify® admin fields; in particular, the pricing structures. In addition to designing and developing a killer site, we needed to be creative and precise with how we would get all the pieces to fall into place with this migration.

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We designed a visually appealing collection filter page template, specifically for stud earrings. On this page, we broke out three tiers of stud categories, considering color and clarity, via the setup of three collections: Value, Classic and Premium. The products within these categories scroll through on their own carousels and the customer can narrow down all these products via a metal and cut filter at the top of the page. The page features a nice clean UX that we also translated into a streamlined mobile option.