Nolah Mattresses launch a $10m D2C mattress company — and ditch the big-box stores for good

Nolah Mattresses reached out to Parkfield for help growing their fledgling D2C mattress brand. Now Nolah is back in control of their brand — and able to ditch the big-box brands for good.

Before launching Nolah Mattresses in the US in the summer of 2016, Daniel Galle and his team already had accumulated years of experience — and industry connections — selling textiles and bedding accessories like pillows and comforters through traditional retailers.
But relying on the big-box stores for their sales was fast becoming a chokepoint:

Dealing with these big-box retailers is very time consuming. They’re not efficient or lean in any way. There are so many people involved, so many papers and all kinds of stuff that needs to be done.”

With a decade of experience in manufacturing and supply chain management, they had a natural headstart over other D2C mattress brands.

“We had the entire network already from the get-go. We knew manufacturing, supply chain branding and marketing, but it was all traditional big-box retail supply. So we thought okay, let's do the same, but just do it online.”

The only problem?
“Selling online” isn’t as easy as it sounds.

No time to rest

Having already had some bad experiences with agencies, Daniel was looking to partner with a team he could trust to grow his fledgling brand. Daniel had already worked with Richard and Thor, co-founders of Parkfield, on previous digital projects, so engaging Parkfield to help develop and launch the Shopify site for Nolah was an easy choice.

“Our personal experience with a lot of these agencies in the US is that they have no idea what they're doing. And most of it is just outsourced… I want people that care about what they do, and Richard feels like a comfortable, trustworthy, honest guy.”

Nolah’s small team quickly handed over the store’s reins to Parkfield, signing an ongoing development retainer to give them flexibility in managing the endless variety of tasks needed to grow the brand. Daniel knew he could trust Parkfield, as a one-stop shop, to deliver where other agencies had failed.

As Daniel recalls, even he was surprised at how quickly and capably Parkfield handled each task.

There hasn't really been any friction at all. We just put in a task and they pick it up and then do it.”

That kind of speed only comes when two companies share the same values — and the same goals. For a small team like Nolah’s, having a capable development partner like Parkfield on hand gives Daniel and the team more time to spend tackling other challenges within the company.

“If I tell them, ‘Hey, listen, this is really important, this is urgent,’ they get it done — even on a Friday afternoon.”

Awakening new ideas

With Nolah’s retainer now four times larger than the initial agreement, Parkfield is constantly seeking new ways of improving conversions on the site — a problem that’s only becoming more complex as Nolah keeps growing.

“What’s happening with the growth is that the bigger we get, the more custom and more advanced scripting and code we need.”

No matter the challenge, Parkfield’s dedicated team of Shopify specialists are always up to the task.

“I am out of this world impressed with Parkfield’s ability to write custom code to create the functionality that we need… Compared to anybody else that I’ve worked with, the complexity of things that they can get out of Shopify is just amazing.

“We are constantly trying to find new services that we can add with these guys.”

Putting the big-box stores to bed

Since transitioning to DTC, Nolah Mattresses is now consistently bringing in seven figures in revenue each month — easily 10x their prior wholesale revenue.But the biggest improvement since switching to D2C sales, according to Daniel, has been the added level of control — both in the products they sell and how they promote them.

“Before, with big-box retailers, we were always reactive… whereas with DTC, we could proactively decide what products we want to sell. We can spec it out in the way that we want to sell. And we control exactly the materials, the margins, and the profits. That really puts us in a position where we can pull all the levers ourselves without being dependent on anybody else.

Besides the increase in sales, the biggest benefit of partnering with Parkfield, according to Daniel, has been the peace of mind from having an experienced team in his corner that can always get the job done — no matter how difficult the request.

“It's like when you have an attorney, you'd call the attorney and they make the problem go away. That's Parkfield for us when it comes to Shopify development.



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