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Grisel Paula, Founder & CEO

“The team was very helpful and started working on it immediately after a quick review. Satisfactory results and overall great experience. Very upfront in all aspects - pricing, timeline, expectations etc. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”

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Rebdolls is an online fashion retailer that stays on the pulse of trendy fashion. The company provides unapologetic fashion to women sizes 0 to 32. Shipping to over 95 countries, the company has evolved from its predecessor, as a creative t-shirt shop to an international fashion retailer.

Challenge, as an ever-evolving storefront for cutting-edge fashion, needs also to be ahead of the curve in its online presence. We were approached by Rebdolls to revamp several key areas of their site to increase usability, mobile presentation, and to add a unique look and feel to namely the front pages and product pages.

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Working with Rebdolls we worked through key areas of the site to add functionalities and test them for usability as we proceeded incrementally. The results of this process were a fully custom site. The homepage features an entirely new layout and a menu with a great shop by size menu-filter. Collection pages feature rollover color switchers and an infinite loader for continuous scrolling. And the product pages feature a unique dual image carousel to make use of the sites overall edge to edge layout. The site looks as appealing on the largest desktop screens as it does on all mobile devices.