RMR Solutions relaunch their brand, grow revenue 33% — and uncover an unexpected marketing opportunity

RMR Solutions reached out to Parkfield hoping to rebuild their brand and online sales. Smart email marketing helped the cleaning brand clean up in sales.

After a wasted year spent grappling with distributors, Brandon Newton was fed up.RMR had taken a gamble when they chose to sell their industry-leading mold stain removal products through local distributors — a gamble that hadn’t paid off. Sales weren’t reaching the levels they had anticipated, and the team was worried about cannibalizing sales coming through their online store.RMR made the difficult call to shut down the distributor channel and revert their sales back to online-only, launching a new brand and Shopify store under a new domain. But, the original agency they chose wasn't up to the job.

“We originally chose a different agency because the company appeared bigger than Parkfield did. I felt that they had more capability from what I was gathering in the meetings, which ultimately didn't end up being the case.”

Brandon needed a team of professionals to help attract more customers to their website, rebuild search rankings, and patch the holes in their new sales platform — and stat.

“Parkfield painted a clear picture of what their capabilities can be, and how dedicated the team is to making sure that those things will be getting done.”

Rebuilding from scratch

Brandon quickly found the partner they were seeking in Parkfield — a team that could help rebuild RMR’s online sales channel while also fixing the flaws created by the previous agency.

“I Parkfield they were going to manage just one aspect of the sales and then we'd move on from there. Now they manage all of the social paid as well as the AdWords paid, and they’ve done a lot of site updates.”

Parkfield started from the ground up, diving into RMR’s existing sales data and searching for the strongest opportunities to move the growth needle.

“They took our previous year's numbers, and they took what industry standards should show as far as an improvement. They took about four different scenarios and showed us that if we made this update, it should increase this, and they used very modest numbers. They actually showed what kind of value we could potentially see in some of the changes.

To follow since we don’t have many engaging screenshots for RMR, this would be the perfect opportunity to show off what the audit looks likeParkfield’s data-driven approach to marketing strategy gave Brandon the confidence to expand engagement. RMR gradually transitioned responsibility for managing their Adwords and other paid marketing campaigns to Parkfield,
increasing conversions by 28% and sales by 20% in the first four months.

RMR even changed an entire product line based on customer search data Parkfield uncovered, rebranding their organic mold killer as a botanical cleaner — a change Brandon admits should have been in place from the beginning.

“Because of Parkfield’s audit, we didn't have to take a stab in the dark. We knew that's what was searched most, and we changed our product to match. And now, we’re selling a lot of it.

Winning through email marketing

Parkfield’s audit also suggested a new channel that the data showed could prove successful: email marketing.
Brandon was a big believer in email marketing but had doubts about whether it could work for a company selling cleaning products. Parkfield’s detailed marketing audit suggested it might work, so RMR gave email marketing a shot.

In the last month alone, email marketing has now contributed just under $74,580 in new sales — easily a 10x return on RMR’s marketing investment.

Cleaning up in sales

Now, Parkfield and RMR are working to deliver a conversion-driven shopping experience for both consumers and professionals, continuing to find new audiences to target, new products to launch, and new ways of improving their marketing efficiency.

“Parkfield’s hands have been on the engine for over a year. They respond quickly, and they're willing to get into things that they may not be contracted to do. It makes us feel like they're more above a team.”

In fact, when Brandon began planning to migrate their site to Shopify Plus, Parkfield was the only agency they considered:

“We're actually in negotiation right now to do a complete redesign and rebuild of the site and moving up to the Shopify Plus platform… We actually haven't even interviewed another company for the design build.”

More importantly? Shifting the daily responsibilities of campaign management off his shoulders has been a huge relief for Brandon.

“Now I can take a high-level view instead of being in the trenches, and it helps me expand my mind on different ways to direct customers to our product… Not having to deal with all the minutiae of the daily management of those campaigns has allowed me and our team to focus on bigger things.”



increase in revenue


increase in transactions


increase in conversions


increase in ROAS


each year in email revenue
Infinitely less stress
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