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Jill Scalisi, Founder & CEO

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Scalisi Skincare and Bob’s Cream are new brands to the skincare scene but already making a huge impact in the category. In their short time on the market, they have been featured in the biggest and most prominent publications in the beauty category such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Marie Claire. Exposure in publications such as these is no easy feat, especially considering there are many more established brands out there that have never had this kind of exposure.


The Scalisi brand launched first and then took under its brand umbrella Bob’s Cream via a partnership between the two founders Jill Scalisi and Bob Nielsen. Both are based on a similar wound healing principle but have a bit of a different usage and targets. How can we highlight the differences but not have them feel totally disparate from each other?

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Created using Figma
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We created a website design that not only showcases newly shot brand imagery but is also informative. The front page in particular highlights the brand key points of differentiation, the story and connection and similar ideologies of the two brands and highlights the amazing press quotes and consumer reviews received to date. We created a unique collection/landing page for Bob’s that provides additional details linking the two brands but also stand on its own. And any page that Bob’s is featured on features the same design but slightly different color scheme given the slightly different target audience.


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