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Swimsuits Direct moves to Shopify Plus. Traffic skyrockets, sales targets are smashed… Here’s how we did it.

Klaviyo, Loox, Four Sixty, Celigo

The Brand

It’s hard not to bump into Swimsuits Direct, they're an award winning stockist for big-box-retailers. Easily one of the best product catalogs in the game: Anne Cole, Cole of California, Lailani— this is a D2C eCommerce store that “gets it.”

The only problem? They might be a little too good.

Growing quickly, the brand found themselves at a point where their store on their former platform simply wasn’t checking all the right boxes anymore. They came to Parkfield looking for help with the migration, and maybe a few of the bells and whistles we’re known for, too.


A nice problem to have.

Outgrowing your first eCommerce store is tough. But it’s an inevitable part of your company’s journey, and a great milestone to hit. As the cliché goes, “it’s a nice problem to have.”

In 2019, Swimsuits Direct came to us with exactly that problem.

The company was having issues with store performance, intermittent & repeated crashes, and an unclear path from support on how to resolve them. In short, they were frustrated, and losing money every time the site went down. What’s more, new customers who visited the site only to experience an outage were not impressed.

It was time for a change. Time to renovate their platform for good.

After an introductory call, we put together a proposal, signed off on the work, and sat down at the drawing board with our swimming thinking caps on.

Up-front, clear search to navigate the large catalog
Clean ajax cart for seamless checkout flow
Up-front, clear search to navigate the large catalog
Easy-to-use collection filtering

Diving right in.

The Swimsuits Direct team was determined to leave their former platform behind forever. The question was, how should they move forward? What would be the smoothest, easiest way to offer their customers an easy, modern eCommerce experience that would stand the test of time?

We came up with two possible paths forward:

  • Keep the current site design, and simply clone their existing platform design onto a more future-proof, scalable platform (Shopify).
  • Or, drop the old design and have us work our magic— working from a new theme, focusing on a more UX-oriented storefront, and including all the modern features that customers expect from a D2C eCommerce store.

Swimsuits Direct went with option two, and we’re so glad they did.

As much as we love a regular migration from Magento, our creative folks can sometimes feel a little left out watching the engineers do all the heavy lifting. By selecting option two, Swimsuits Direct was trusting Parkfield to gather everyone together and put our collective minds to work— this was more than a migration, it was a chance to permanently change the way they do business.

Up-front, clear search to navigate the large catalog
Clean ajax cart for seamless checkout flow
Clean ajax cart for seamless checkout flow
Easy-to-use collection filtering

We love a good challenge.

With the stakes raised, the team started looking for a Shopify answer to Swimsuits Direct’s problem. They needed something that would be instantly understandable to any of their customers. However, it also had to speak to first-time shoppers, people who typically snag their suits on other eCommerce stores.

Looking at the market, we came up with a bit of a cheeky idea.

As the market leader in online sales — not just swimsuits, but sales in general — Amazon is everyone’s brand to beat. They really understand the value of great UX, especially as it relates to ROI: make it easy to shop, and more people will.

To help Swimsuits Direct appeal to eCommerce shoppers that might typically get their ‘kinis from Amazon, we helped them source a Amazon-inspired theme, Empire. This would help us support their massive Magento-based product catalog, be dead simple to buy from, and would additionally allow us to:

  • Implement a range of new apps, including Klavivo, Loox, and Four Sixty.
  • Put new search filters into operation to help swimmers quickly find the swimsuits they need.
  • Revamp the user experience (UX) with custom code where needed, ensuring the store would be enjoyable to use, purchase from, and come to.

At the same time, we took extra care to focus on the entirety of their funnel, helping them drive more traffic with an updated SEO strategy, more competitive store design/features, and ensuring they could quickly update the site in response to user feedback.

But perhaps more importantly, we worked hard to keep everyone working towards the number one goal— keep the store up, running, and selling swimsuits no matter how much traffic hits it. That was the original, number one issue the brand needed help with. Meaning that any suggestions from our creative team, engineers, or marketing folks would have to support this objective.

The team pulled a few all-nighters. The new store went live in just a month.

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Doing swimmingly, thanks.

Total Sales
Store Conversion Rate
New Store Orders
Bounce Rate

So how’s the store performing, now? Well, it’s been a few years since we worked together on the project, and we’re really proud of the numbers we’ve seen.

Since launch, the company’s sales have steadily increased. The latest reporting period, from 2020–2021, the new Shopify storefront increased sales by more than 112%, with a 165% increase to average order volume in that same time period.

We’re also happy to see the bounce rate has dropped by 3.5%. In other words, folks are sticking around longer, looking at the brand’s products, and not leaving in frustration due to slow performance or outages.

With Parkfield’s assistance, the Swimsuits Direct team was not only able to provide a better experience to their existing customers, but get it all done in record time. They went from frustrated, constantly fearing another site outage, to working from a proven, future-proof eCommerce solution in less than a month.

That’s what we do here. It’s what we love to do.

How can we help you knock your own migration out of the park? Let us know what problems you’re working to solve, and we’ll get our best people on it.

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