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Jerry Pair sets the bar for luxury interior design eCommerce with Shopify migration.

Site Build

The Brand

In the high-end interior design world, Jerry Pair is synonymous with quality. If you’ve ever wondered where the designers of upscale residences, private jets, and yachts find such beautiful furnishings and fabrics, look no further.

As a whole, this industry has been slow to embrace the digital transformation trend and cater to the growing appetite for online purchasing. Jerry Pair was determined to break the mold, but their first foray into eCommerce didn’t go as planned…


Broken promises

We’ve all been there: someone promises you the world, but fails to deliver. For Jerry Pair, that someone was their legacy website developer. They were expecting a feature-rich, cutting-edge solution that would enable them to showcase their evolving collection of luxury products. But sadly, what they got was a poorly-designed and inflexible Magento storefront.

Jerry Pair were unable to make their own changes to the site, instead being forced to rely on the developer who often took weeks or even months to push updates—and charged hefty fees to boot. In the modern era of online shopping, this backwards approach was crippling Jerry Pair’s potential.

Every day that the old website remained live meant lost sales and lost revenue. A change was due and there was no time to lose, but a run-of-the-mill website refresh wouldn’t be enough. Not only did Jerry Pair need a flexible and bespoke solution, they also needed a cost-effective way to enable filtering for an immense catalog of tens of thousands of fabrics, and a way to migrate more than 8,000 SKUs from the existing site without losing product information.



New partner, new beginning

Jerry Pair wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. For the new project, they set out to find a partner with an impeccable track record for delivering results rather than empty promises. An exhaustive market evaluation led them to Parkfield, and we were excited to take on the challenge.

It didn’t take us long to determine that Jerry Pair’s previous developer had been way out of his depth. Unlocking the capabilities that the company needed required a completely fresh start, so we got to work building a brand-new Shopify webstore.

Jerry Pair were keen to make eCommerce a central element of their sales strategy, but at the same time, they wanted the website to feel like an extension of their established and world-renowned showrooms. With that in mind we created a dual storefront that prompts visitors to self-select into the Miami or Atlanta stores upon entry. This ensures that the inventory displayed is accurate, while maintaining a consistent brand experience between physical sites.

To organize the brand’s many collections, we implemented a sleek new mega menu that enables customers to easily find what they’re looking for without feeling overwhelmed.

Filtering options can often become prohibitively expensive when dealing with a portfolio as large as Jerry Pair’s. A traditional solution would have run them close to five figures per year to operate, but we were able to create a proprietary system that could both handle the volume of the collection and deliver sophisticated functionality without breaking the budget.

Finally, we used tagging to tackle the large-scale product migration so that no product details were lost or misplaced in transit.

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"We originally chose a different agency because the company appeared bigger than Parkfield did. I felt that they had more capability… didn't end up being the case."
Brandon Newton
Director of Marketing, RMR

Taking back control

Going into this project, we knew that time was of the essence. We made every second count and completed the rebuild—including the 8,000 SKU migration—in record speed, coming in 32 weeks under the industry average.

With the new website up and running, Jerry Pair are finally realizing their eCommerce vision. The storefront is truly flexible, cost-effective, and looks the part. Best of all, Jerry Pair have complete control. The days of dependence on an unresponsive developer are behind them, as they can now seamlessly manage and update their own site at will.

For customers, visiting the webstore is like stepping into one of Jerry Pair’s showrooms. Rich imagery and minimalist design create a high-end online shopping experience that perfectly complements the brand’s luxurious collections. And with the 21st Century eCommerce revolution finally taking hold of the sector, Jerry Pair’s new website has secured their position as THE brand for premier interior designers.

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