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Custom Gift Builder App

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Gift bundles, baskets, and care packages with lots of stuff are fun to give, and fun to get. It used to be an expensive and time-consuming exercise to buy individual pieces, assemble, wrap and ship. Our custom gift builder app automates the process. It’s fast, easy and enjoyable for shoppers. And it’s a great way to increase cart size, and repeat purchases.

Post-Sale Logistics

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Do you capture orders on your website, and then dropship directly from manufacturer to consumer? It’s still a labor-intensive process on Shopify®. And those intangible costs can cut into profits. Our post-sale logistics app automatically transmits order information to each supplier, without manual processing. It reduces manpower and human error, saving you time and money.  

3D Product Configurator

Using our 3D product configurator, your customers can virtually interact with your products as easily as they can in person. Attributes like color, texture, and even custom designs are readily accessible in real time; whether they are on their desktop, laptop, or on-the-go with their mobile phone.

Compare & Customize

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Our Compare & Customize app allows users to compare your store's products, and customize whichever product they chose, all on a single page. It also allows the store owner to configure different products and variants from throughout the site on that page.


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