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End-to-end marketing, design, & growth consulting. Work with us, and you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of your own business, profitable D2C channels built on those insights, and systems in place to drive steady sales growth every quarter.

Analysis & Discovery Audit
Conversion Optimization
Design & Development
Growth Marketing

eCommerce Business Assessment

Our signature 'eCommerce Business Assessment' process yields business insights, audience intelligence, and starts you off with a solid foundation for your project. You’ll engage in interviews, learn who your D2C customers are, review your entire funnel, and come up with a roadmap that each and every one of your stakeholders can feel confident about.

  • ✔ Buyer Activity Analysis
  • ✔ Customer Segmentation
  • ✔ Customer Segmentation
  • ✔ Business Analytics
  • ✔ Technology Planning
  • ✔ Goals & Objectives
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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

It’s not enough to simply launch a store and hope your customers add something to cart. We’ll help you find and fix issues preventing a purchase, maximize your retail revenue, and minimize headaches. Over time, we’ll use data & analytics to uncover upsell opportunities, keep sales flowing, and plug holes across your entire funnel.

  • ✔ Heuristic Analysis
  • ✔ Session Recording
  • ✔ Copy Testing
  • ✔ Purchasing Analytics
  • ✔ Qualitative Research
  • ✔ User Testing
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eCommerce Design & Build

Get a store your customers love, backed by intuitive UX, conversion-focused design, and ongoing CX optimization. Whether you’re a traditional retailer selling D2C for the first time, or a seasoned eComm pro who simply needs a new store built, deployed, and smashing sales targets in weeks. 

  • ✔ Shopify Plus Dev
  • ✔ BigCommerce Dev
  • ✔ UI/UX Design
  • ✔ Store Migration
  • ✔ ReCharge Development
  • ✔ Site Speed Improvements
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Growth Marketing

Effective, hard-hitting campaigns that make the absolute most out of every dollar spent. We inform our strategies with data, test every assumption, and target precise buyer personas to ensure your marketing feels like you, addresses deep-seated customer pain points, and gets the right kind of buyers into your funnel. 

  • ✔ Social Media Buying
  • ✔ SEO & Linkbuilding
  • ✔ Email Marketing
  • ✔ SMS Marketing
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Rose Gaitinis
Head of Client Services

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