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We give brands a big-picture view of their conversion funnel

Collaborate with an experienced, trusted agency to create a data-driven strategy designed for explosive sales growth. We'll help you find and fix purchase issues, uncover upsell opportunities, and keep sales flowing across every channel.


Website Audit

Assess the speed, quality, clarity, relevance, design, and user experience of key website pages to identify possible bottlenecks.


Qualitative Research

Find out what's killing conversions through strategic polls and surveys coupled with intelligence from your customer service team.


Google Analytics Review

Validate your Analytics dashboard configuration, and evaluate both your search engine optimization efforts and your Google PPC advertisements.


A/B Testing

Determine the best design choices, copy, and avenues for implementation with comprehensive split tests.


Session Recordings

Gain direct insights into how customers interact with your site using heatmaps and live video sessions with relevant users.


Google Optimize

Make continuous UX improvements by leveraging your data to test new ideas, build a compelling customer experience, and reach new customers.

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Why partner with Parkfield Commerce?

Turn your data into actionable next steps
We combine heuristic and qualitative analysis with comprehensive testing to generate straightforward, clearly-defined guidance. We go above simply identifying simple problems — we provide you with actionable steps so your brand can address them.
Build the experience your customers deserve
See how customers interact with your brand, and hear about bottlenecks and pain points directly from them. Foster a deeper understanding of your audience and use those insights to create more memorable, more exceptional experiences for your customers.
An easier way to follow UI/UX best practices
We'll help you build a store your customers love. Our proven, tested framework for UX/UI design follows best practices to create an engaging, conversion-focused website that’s optimized for the way your target audience shops.

New Proraso store leads to massive spike in sales

Proraso is a cutting-edge (or razor’s-edge, perhaps) shaving and men’s grooming brand that mixes cool vintage Italian style with high-quality products. Find out how we accelerated Proraso's sales by 153% through global expansion,  D2C retail, and a strategy that appealed to professional barbers.

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Discover our data-driven approach

Our Process


We establish the foundation for success

Parkfield's eCommerce specialists go over every inch of your organization, interviewing key stakeholders and examining business data to gain a deep understanding of your business and market.


We develop a purpose-built strategy

We'll collaborate with your team to develop a comprehensive action plan based on your organization's objectives that's informed with the deep insights and data needed to drive revenue and growth over the long-term.


We turn big ideas into actionable next steps

Brainstorm, redesign, launch, and promote new initiatives in record time, all while continually iterating on your existing strategy and pivoting to keep pace with a changing market.


We work to create long-lasting partnerships

From planning to implementation, build upon your existing success with a growth-focused roadmap supported by our end-to-end eCommerce expertise.

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