Comprehensive, end-to-end analysis of your entire D2C funnel.

We leave no stone unturned— presenting you with over 30 slides of recommendations, covering everything from your current marketing efforts, sales funnel, logistics/3PL integration, CX, UX, SEO, path-to-purchase, and more.

Stakeholder Interviews
Identification of Business
Opportunities & Objectives
Business Analysis & Insights
Customer / Prospect Review
Paid Advertising Review - Google & Social
Organic Social Media Review
In-depth SEO & Site Speed Review
Copy Testing Assessment
ADA Compliance Review
Email Performance Review - Automation Flows & Campaign

Start with a solid foundation.

To kick off your Assessment, we’ll start with an initial intake process of stakeholder interviews, so we can get an insider perspective on who you are as a brand. This helps ensure that any work we do is 100% aligned with your overall business objectives and will support your growth long after we’re done.

  • ✔ Drill down to the core of your brand
  • ✔ Run through financials (revenue, profit margins, best- and worst-performing verticals, seasonality, and marketing budgets)
  • ✔ Outline current strategies
  • ✔ Define what success looks like for you
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Tie everything to your roadmap.

After our interview process is complete, we’ll put together a comprehensive review of your business objectives, identifying new opportunities and providing you with detailed recommendations that perfectly match your current capabilities, growth rate, and competitive landscape.

  • ✔ Identify existing resource and functionality limitations
  • ✔ Detailed recommendations and action plans for long-term growth
  • ✔ Establish quantifiable metrics for success and growth
  • ✔ Produce a SWOT analysis of your company's marketing opportunities
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Turn your data into action items.

By performing a thorough analysis of all your current data, we’ll be able to identify potential issues with your funnel, lost opportunities, and undiscovered issues costing you time, money, and energy. This also helps set a clearly-defined baseline to track the ROI of your project over time.

  • ✔ Traffic and traffic sources
  • ✔ New vs returning customers data
  • ✔ Conversion rate / per channel
  • ✔ Average order value
  • ✔ Lifetime value and more
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Blow your customers away.

Create a memorable and meaningful D2C experience that drives repeat sales. Your eCommerce Assessment will give you an outside perspective on how your customers feel when interacting with your brand, as well as detailed steps you can take to improve your CX and drive brand loyalty.

  • ✔ Uncover how your customers feel when engaging with your brand
  • ✔ Map out all interactions that contribute to customer experience, including first, second, third, and final touchpoints
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Learn where you lose them.

Included in your Assessment is a detailed analysis of your entire eCommerce funnel. We’ll unleash our team of conversion experts and have them go over your entire customer journey with a fine-toothed comb, mapping out the precise execution strategy needed to turn traffic into sales.

  • ✔ Assess existing lead-generation strategies (SEO, content marketing, social media, email, and paid advertising)
  • ✔ Analyze each step in the sales funnel
  • ✔ Identify drop-off points
  • ✔ Earmark areas that can be optimized to reduce friction and increase conversions
  • ✔ Analysis of paid search (Google ads), social media marketing, email, and all other digital marketing efforts.
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Use tech that drives ROI.

No two apps are the same, despite what the developers might tell you. Based on all the analysis performed, we’ll be able to provide personalized recommendations on the ideal tech stack (Shopify/BigCommerce add-ons) that will support your unique business objectives and growth strategy.

  • ✔ Email marketing
  • ✔ Social media
  • ✔ Analytics
  • ✔ Customer relationship management
  • ✔ Optimization
  • ✔ Content marketing
  • ✔ SEO
  • ✔ Customer loyalty
  • ✔ Discounts
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Spend less on traffic.

Get a detailed picture of your brand’s organic footprint, including your SEO competitions and unpaid social media traffic. This helps us boost your rankings over time, drive more organic traffic, and get more customers knocking on your door without having to pay for campaigns.

  • ✔ Social media channels audit
  • ✔ Navigation & page structures
  • ✔ Keyword rankings / strategy
  • ✔ Internal linking & backlink profile
  • ✔ Personalized recommendations
  • ✔ Monthly progress tracking
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“Standing ovation from me!
“Their assessment far and away exceeded my expectations. They found opportunities for us across the business, from CLTV, to segmentation and customer communication strategies. We are already implementing them in our upcoming business strategy.”

Charles WassermanCEO,

"Parkfield has proven to haveextraordinary thought leadership inthe areas of analytics and criticalthinking. I have personally seen themuse Glew in genius ways, leveragingthe disparate data that their clientsare sitting on and turning that datainto large amounts of profit for theirclients. I recommend Parkfield asyour critical thinking partner!"

Mark Miano
EVP Sales,

Optional add-ons for any business.

Go even further, with optional services to support your unique needs. Review your store’s adherence to the Americans with Disabilities Act, analyze the conversion potential of your web copy, or have our email experts carefully dissect your automated email flows.

  • ✔ Ensure your website is usable for people with various disabilities (ADA Compliance).
  • ✔ Industry-specific recommendations on how to improve your copywriting (backed by customer surveys).
  • ✔ Maximize ROI on your email marketing by analyzing your segmenting, messaging and integration.
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Rose Gaitinis
Head of Client Services

Start confidently, with a rock-solid roadmap to success.

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