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Reach your target audience wherever they are

Go beyond the sales funnel to map out every single touchpoint in the customer journey. Work with a trusted Brightpearl and Shopify POS partner to create a seamless, automated omnichannel experience that improves engagement, satisfaction, and conversions across all channels.


Omnichannel Consultation

We'll assess your existing sales channels, tools, and strategies to devise the best roadmap for rapid growth.


OMS Integration

Build a flexible, future-proof retail operating system through partnerships with leading technology providers like Brightpearl, Klaviyo, and GlobalE.


Shopify POS

Support omnichannel selling with an all-in-one POS system that seamlessly connects in-store, online, and everything in between.




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"Brightpearl have had the pleasure of working closely with Parkfield on a number of initiatives and they have quickly become a trusted agency partner who have been excellent to work with. They are a reliable asset in helping clients develop and deploy solutions to overcome their complex Omni-channel needs."
Themah Schroeder
Partner Manager | Brightpearl

Why partner with Parkfield Commerce?

Make the most out of every channel
Engage buyers across multiple sessions and platforms with powerful tools for all things personalization, retargeting, processing, and shipping. Address pain points and unlock new engagement opportunities through integrated sales, onboarding, and support.
Stay ahead of changing consumer trends
Leverage real-time behavioral analytics to gain a deeper understanding of your audience and their habits. Give your brand the agility to pivot with the market by automating common sales processes through tools like Shopify Flow.
Gain more visibility into your biggest channels
Break down data silos and gain a big-picture view of your entire sales ecosystem through a centralized CRM. Create an elevated technology experience that hones in on your most successful channels, so you can translate that success elsewhere.

Creating Psycho Bunny a seamless omnichannel experience

Psycho Bunny is all about personality, defining what it means to be on-trend luxury. This powerful brand is built around the ideas of self-expression and attainable luxury, and they pride themselves in their originality and unconventional approach to men's fashion. Discover how we designed and implemented a powerful omnichannel experience that merged the best parts of online and in-person shopping.

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Discover our data-driven approach

Our Process


We establish the foundation for success

Parkfield's eCommerce specialists go over every inch of your organization, interviewing key stakeholders and examining business data to gain a deep understanding of your business and market.


We develop a purpose-built strategy

We'll collaborate with your team to develop a comprehensive action plan based on your organization's objectives that's informed with the deep insights and data needed to drive revenue and growth over the long-term.


We turn big ideas into actionable next steps

Brainstorm, redesign, launch, and promote new initiatives in record time, all while continually iterating on your existing strategy and pivoting to keep pace with a changing market.


We work to create long-lasting partnerships

From planning to implementation, build upon your existing success with a growth-focused roadmap supported by our end-to-end eCommerce expertise.

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