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The new website truly elevates our store and better reflects the high-end nature of our luxury collections. Victoria Vergeson, Founder of The Hour Shop
Use Parkfield don't use anyone else. The entire process from start to finish was a pleasure. Jill Scalisi, Founder & CEO of Scalisi Skincare
One of the best firms I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Eric Hanna, Marketing Director of Netaya
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Proven strategies for growth

In today’s fast-paced digital world, you’re looking for results, and we’re looking to give you those results and beyond. We believe in digital marketing not as segments, but as a whole. With cutting edge technology and backed by a relentless team, we strive to innovate and have a positive impact.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you ranking on search engines such as Google? By creating an authoritative brand and website, we’re able to boost your rankings and search engine visiblity.

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Conversion Rate Optimizaton (CRO)

If your Shopify website isn’t converting, then what is it doing? By effectively guiding your visitors to the checkout page, you’re increasing your converison rate.

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Paid Marketing

In a digitally competitive world, having the edge over your competitors is crucial. By strategizing, creating, and optimizing your campaigns, we’re able to deliver efficient results.

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Shopify SEO

From keyword research to local SEO, we give you the building blocks and relevance to keep you ahead of your competitors. Following white-hat SEO strategies, we enable you to become an industry leader.

We focus on optimizing your website to be mobile friendly while also providing fresh content to meet your goals and objectives for an amazing user experience.

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Shopify Conversion Rate

We realize how hard it is to make that sale. Not all visitors are ready to buy, so we know how to convert visitors from any stage in the buyer’s journey.

We A/B test various aspects of your website, from the landing pages, CTA’s, to the site structure, effectively enabling us to optimize your site's conversion rate and efficiency.

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Shopify Paid Marketing

Want to go after visitors who have left your website within seconds? What about showing up first on search engines? How about surpassing your competitors?

Parkfield has the knowledge and expertise to create high ROI campaigns. With distinct PPC tactics, we are able to promote your business and brand using a strategic approach from competitor analysis to ad copy creation.

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Only 22% of businesses are satisfied
with their conversion rates

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