Conquer Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022 and Beyond

Get your business ready for the most important week of the year with specialized packages designed to help you create an exceptional customer experience this Black Friday Cyber Monday.

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Short Term

The Quick Wins You Need to Succeed on BFCM 2022

Shopify Site Speed & Core Web Vitals

Get your Shopify site up to speed when it matters most. We'll help you identify and eliminate your biggest performance and usability issues to create the best possible experience for BFCM 2022 and the upcoming holiday season.
  • Gain a passing grade on Core Web Vitals
  • Full post-launch audit and optimization
  • Improve Shopify site speed and overall load times
  • Implement progressive loading, script delays, and minimize your code
  • Full installation of Google Tag Manager with all tracking codes to improve load times

Optimize Your CRO

No time to focus on CRO and AOV? Leave the best practices to us. We’ll provide a comprehensive pre-launch audit to find and fix issues with your user experience.
  • 10-point conversion optimization process applied to your home page, product listing pages, and product detail pages
  • Receive 12-30 recommendations, including things like:
      - Discounts and offers
      - Progress bars
      - Scarcity & urgency triggers
      - Review attributes
      - Social proof badges

Copy Messaging & Ad Review

Launching a new campaign? Need a review of current marketing collateral? Give your copy the boost it needs to perform this BFCM. We’ll analyze headlines, ad copy, landing pages, and other assets  to ensure they are relevant and ready to convert.
  • Copy review for a single campaign or set of ads
  • Detailed review of campaign landing pages, offer pages, and other supporting copy
  • Recommendations for new content to support holiday campaigns
  • Review of current brand tone and messaging for your holiday campaigns
  • Optimization for core headlines, tag lines, and other messaging

BFCM & Holiday Strategy Audit

Is your holiday strategy ready to perform? Let our team of eCommerce specialists audit your product and promotion strategy, delivery and logistics capabilities, omnichannel experience, and other areas of your holiday strategy for BFCM, Christmas, and beyond.
  • Receive a detailed holiday strategy audit incorporating two 1-hour phone calls with our eCommerce specialists, review of planning checklists, and technology integration to support a best in class experience this holiday season
  • Ensure you are ready to optimize inventory planning, shipping logistics, and real-time tracking capabilities in order to maximize sales and customer satisfaction
  • Learn how to create a holiday-ready omnichannel experience on every marketplace you sell

Long Term

Everything You Need to Crush Q4, Q1, and Beyond

Migrate to Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is the new standard in site analytics and reporting. Start collecting the data and insights needed to accelerate growth in the future. We'll migrate you to GA4, optimize your tracking, and position you for long-term success.
  • Upgrade to Google Analytics 4
  • Enhanced metrics
  • Automated reporting
  • Google Tag Manager setup & configuration

Email & SMS Audit

Get your email and SMS strategy ready for BFCM and beyond with an audit of your segmentation, communication flows, and current campaigns. Plan the perfect Black Friday campaign(s) to build awareness while improving sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Review of communication flows for email or SMS
  • Optimize messaging and content
  • Improve growth and retention strategies
  • Deploy leading tools such as Klaviyo & Attentive

Development Support

Get support where you need it most with 10 flexible agency hours with full support from an in-house project manager and experienced Shopify Plus developers.
  • Dedicated PM
  • Dedicated developer
  • UI/UX designer services
  • Jira ticket system
  • Weekly standup call
  • Weekend/evening support (additional add on)
  • Slack integration (additional add on)

Not sure what you need to crush BFCM 2022?

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Partner with Parkfield Commerce and position your ecommerce website for success this Black Friday Cyber Monday.

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"Working with Parkfield Commerce has been a great experience. … they taught us to think like our customers — to come up with engagement ideas that prior to our partnership, we'd never have considered."

Sloane Sweitzer
VP Operations, Better Rhodes
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“Parkfield has been crucial to our subscription's on-going success! Helping us to not only build a foundation on Recharge that extends its capabilities, but also a very cohesive on-boarding and subscription experience that matches our online store and brand very well!”

Ethan Steip
Operations and E-commerce Manager, Wufers
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"Parkfield goes above and beyond, ensuring a flawless development experience and making themselves available for follow up adjustments until everything is perfect."

Daina Nadler
VP of Sales, Proraso
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