10 Cool Things You Can Do With Klaviyo Right Now

10 Cool Things You Can Do With Klaviyo Right Now
Written by
Richard Emanuel
Published on
September 23, 2022
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What sets successful companies apart from the amateurs? Only businesses with a strong understanding of effective marketing techniques can generate a high return on investment for their advertising budgets.

Online marketing is vital for business growth, but the problem is that it’s often fragmented. There are many channels to optimize for, from email to social media networks to live chats. Plus, marketers must leverage the vast amount of data collected from these channels.

You need an integrated, feature-rich platform for handling all of your customer communication channels. While nearly any tool can track clicks and record basic metrics, what you need to stand out from the rest is a platform that leads you directly to actual sales.

That’s where Klaviyo can help. This robust SMS and email marketing platform integrates with platforms you may already be using, and it has a lot to offer. Today we’ll explore ten cool things you can do with its powerful platform to make a real impact on your business.

1. Show Customers Exactly What They Want

Marketing messages only ever get opened when they appeal to the unique needs of individual recipients. Klaviyo makes it easy to deliver the right types of content at the perfect time. It’s personalization with a purpose.

Learn how your visitors interact with your brand to generate customer profiles to detail every customer, including:

  • Location
  • Purchases and orders
  • Preferred channels
  • Total revenue

You can use this information in your SMS or email campaigns to maximize engagement rates.

2. Make Beautiful, Eye-Catching Emails Without Technical Skills

Don’t worry — you don’t need to be a web design or coding expert to get the most out of Klaviyo. The platform offers pre-made templates, and a drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to craft the perfect campaign email or message.

In addition to special features like dynamic content and reusable modules, the library of templates accelerates your ability to put together new campaign messages. So whether you want a signup form for a subscription service or just a promotional email to announce a new product line, you’ll find what you need with Klaviyo.

3. Go Beyond Email Marketing with SMS Campaigns

SMS text messaging brings a considerable return as long as you design your campaigns right. Klaviyo offers SMS marketing with various useful features, including:

  • Web forms that capture contact information and get people onto your contact list
  • Follow-up messages for getting users back onto your site, whether it’s a new coupon code or new product suggestions to cut down on cart abandonment rates
  • Personalized messages that are specific enough to appeal to individual customers
  • Two-way communication with clients over text for an even more personal touch
  • The use of short codes and toll-free numbers

There’s no reason not to capitalize on multiple channels as part of your marketing efforts. You're missing out if you don’t include SMS marketing alongside email and other channels.

4. Pick Up More Connections with Forms That Convert

Online businesses need to build connections beyond mere contact information and a few sales metrics. Getting your forms done right helps get users onto your mailing list, subscriptions, or rewards program.

Klaviyo boasts built-in templates for quickly making quality, impactful forms without coding knowledge. Furthermore, these forms are available in multiple formats to maximize conversion rates:

  • Embedded: These forms melt right into the webpage and never look out of place.
  • Flyouts: When you want to grab the visitor’s attention smoothly yet subtly, flyouts slip right into view at the perfect moment.
  • Pop-ups: Some forms are powerful enough to immediately grab the user’s attention. Pop-ups do just that.

You can also use the features geared towards obtaining proper consent, ensuring that you can collect user information while still respecting customer privacy, as per data regulations like the GDPR. You can also experiment by reading pre-built reports of form performance and conducting Klaviyo-native A/B testing.

Not only that, but Klaviyo lets you personalize the form experience by learning from a visitor’s site activity, demographic, location, or other characteristics. You won’t have issues driving conversions when working with this platform.

5. Let Your Email Marketing Campaigns Work Their Magic

When dealing with a high volume of customers, forms, emails, SMS messages, and marketing campaigns, it’s clear that the vast amount of data and processes becomes overwhelming when you try to handle everything manually.

Automation is key to improving ROI and scaling up your advertising efforts. Klaviyo is capable of automatically:

  • Segmenting customers based on demographic information, previous orders, and browsing behavior.
  • Suggesting recommended products on the homepage
  • Sending out marketing emails and text messages at the right time to maximize return on investment.
  • Integrating all your loyalty programs, surveys, support tickets, and orders
  • Conducting A/B testing and reporting on your campaign performance accordingly

While you can’t put your business entirely on autopilot, automation gives you access to a fast and efficient way to boost personalized marketing for your brand.

6. Tune and Deliver Impactful Marketing Campaigns

Whether we’re talking about text message promotions or email blasts, campaigns are one-time messages sent to everyone to show off a new promotion or product line. But they only work out when customers receive and open them, a metric known by marketing departments as deliverability.

Klaviyo can help you maximize deliverability by sending out your campaigns:

  • To the right people: Personalize each message to appeal to individual customer needs and preferences.
  • At the right time: Send campaign messages out at just the right frequency to be impactful but not annoying.
  • Through the right channels: It doesn’t matter if it’s SMS, email, social media, or otherwise. Whatever channel the client desires is what you can use.
  • With the right template: Pre-built templates help you put together professional-looking campaigns in seconds.

Klaviyo is known to make a difference in the marketing campaign department. One case study with a company called Solo Stove saw a 50% increase in click-through rates.

7. Ensure That Your Message Gets Through to Your Customers

While on the topic of deliverability, it’s also worth talking about compliance. This essential consideration dictates how well you adhere to region-specific laws regarding user consent.

Whenever you’re adding a new contact to an email list, for instance, most regions require you to gain explicit consent through a check box the user must click on. Likewise, every promotional email must indicate a link somewhere to allow the user to unsubscribe from the list.

Compliance can be a time-consuming task, especially as you scale your marketing efforts to expand into multiple regions. However, Klaviyo can take care of a lot of it for you, as the platform supports sending messages across the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. This way, your teams can focus on what matters most: delivering positive customer experiences.

8. See How You Stack Up Against the Competition

Most eCommerce platforms have some form of data analytics and reporting, but Klaviyo shows you your own performance and how well you stack up against your industry. 

From cart abandonment to message open rates, no stone is left unturned, giving you a complete picture of where you stand.

Not only that, but Klaviyo offers contextual analytics, providing you with relevant data alongside whatever you’re working on. You can inject analytics right into your workflow to improve decision making.

And even the data dashboards are smarter than the competition. Businesses can see their marketing performance at a glance and receive suggested next steps on how to improve. Whatever’s relevant to your business right now is shown in clear terms.

Are you interested in learning more? Look at how Klaviyo uses its data science engine to unlock valuable insights that everyone else just doesn’t have.

9. Combine Your Marketing Efforts with Other Business Tools You Use

Modern organizations are working with a wide variety of tools and technologies, but workflow fragmentation is becoming a problem as a result. Klaviyo integrates seamlessly with various business tools you’re likely using.

You have up-to-date data and a unified view of your customer journey. Klaviyo offers all sorts of integrations, spanning fields like:

  • Popular eCommerce platforms
  • Order processing
  • Loyalty programs
  • Customer support
  • Help desk
  • User-generated content

For instance, you can tie in WooCommerce, Gorgias, Recharge, or any other platform directly with Klaviyo for a unified experience. Have your own ideas? Then try out a custom integration now made possible by the Klaviyo open API.

10. Everything You Need in One Place

One of the issues facing well-meaning but inefficient marketing departments is using too many separated tools and platforms to get the job done. Without proper integration among the parts, the result is a fragmented system that reflects the poorer quality of the customer experience.

That’s why Klaviyo offers all of its features directly on the same customer platform so that information travels smoothly throughout your marketing campaigns and everything can run seamlessly.

Boost Your Sales with Effective Email and SMS Marketing

Klaviyo packs a powerful feature set that can position any email and SMS marketing strategy for top performance.

Are you interested in getting all the tools and guidance you need to maximize your online marketing ROI in one convenient platform? 

As a trusted Klaviyo Partner, Parkfield Commerce can help you get the most out of Klaviyo. Get in touch with us today and we’ll show you how to turn powerful platforms like Klaviyo into your competitive advantage.