Anne Cole’s Online Renaissance

Anne Cole launches new site and goes global, increasing international sales by 153%

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The Brand

Anne Cole is an iconic swimwear brand, known for revolutionizing women’s swimwear with stylish, comfortable designs.

The brand is celebrated for combining fashion and practicality, catering to women seeking style and comfort.

The Challenge

Anne Cole faced the task of reinventing its online store to reflect the brand’s rich legacy and capture a growing global market.

he challenge was to develop a system that went beyond just selling products to telling the brand’s story.


The solution focused on creating a mobile-first design that offered a compelling experience across all devices.

The team implemented a design system that balanced product showcasing with storytelling, emphasizing Anne Cole’s heritage. Key features like a powerful filtration tool were introduced to enhance the user experience.

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The revamped site resulted in a 25% boost in mobile revenue and an impressive 153% increase in total sales.

The transformation also saw a significant 120% growth in total orders, illustrating the effectiveness of a storytelling-driven, mobile-optimized approach​​.

What our client say

"From their expertise in site and feature planning, through design, and project management, Parkfield are one of the best firms I have had the pleasure of working with."

Robert Godley
Founder of Anne Cole

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