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WooCommerce to Shopify Migration

Upgrade your brand with our focused WooCommerce to Shopify Migration Services. Designed to boost your online revenue and engagement, this strategic move will elevate your brand in the digital marketplace.

Woocommerce to SHopify in 4-5-weeks

Focus on your growth not your website

Melinda's Hotsauce lights it up on Shopify

Melinda's Hot Sauce, struggling with scalability and server issues on WooCommerce, needed a better e-commerce solution. In just 4 weeks, we transitioned them to Shopify, addressing their challenges with improved scalability, reliable servers, and better third-party app support. This move enhanced their online retail experience and positioned them for future growth.

Wazyn opens new doors on Shopify

Wayzn, an award-winning electric pet door company, has significantly boosted sales and streamlined operations since moving to Shopify in just 4 weeks. This transition solved scalability and server issues, and the addition of a custom door size calculator on Shopify has simplified the customer experience, reducing phone support needs. This has strengthened Wayzn's position in the smart pet product market.

What is included in Webstudio X

Webstudio X Webflow Template includes over 15 pages in total, with more than 45 sections

Webstudio X - Pages - Home Page - Web Design Agency Webflow Template

15+ Pages

Webstudio X - Sections - Home Page - Web Design Agency Webflow Template

45+ Sections

Webstudio X - Styles And Symbols - Home Page - Web Design Agency Webflow Template

30+ Styles & Symbols

Figma file included

Send us an email to webstudiox@brixtemplates.com with your purchase receipt, and we will send you the editable Figma file for the Webstudio X template.

Request Figma file
Webstudio X - Figma Files What Is Included - Home Page - Web Design Agency Webflow Template

Utility pages

Take a look at the utility pages included in the Webstudio X Template.


Choose your path

Quick Shopify Launch

We'll work together and pick a theme that matches the brand and provide a full set-up with a tailored growth plan.

Approx $15k / 4-5 wks

- Shopify Premium Theme Setup
- Customer and Product Data Migration
- Klaviyo Setup - 3x Automation Flows
- Reviews App Integration
- Team Training

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Free consultation

Shopify Theme Augmentation

Starting with a theme , you'll work side by side with our UX Design Team to make changes add custom functionality that matches your business model.

Approx $25k / 6-8 wks

- Everything from 'Theme Installation'
- Partial Design for 3 key pages
- Custom Functionality
- Addl. 3 Apps (e.g. Gorgias, ReCharge, etc)
- Klaviyo Setup 5x Automation Flows

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Fully Custom Shopify Build

Fully custom website built from the ground up We'll work together and pick a theme that matches the brand.

$POA /16-20wks

- Dedicated UX Designer
- Fully Custom Development
- Custom Functionality
- Fully Custom Development
- Bloomreach or Klaviyo Integration

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Free consultation
Our 5-point framework

Colloborative Process

Discovery & Planning


Start with a call to understand your needs, then conduct a technical review for your migration.

Proposal & Agreement


We’ll present a clear work outline, detailing scope, timeline, and costs, finalizing our partnership agreement.

Development & Optimization


Ensuring a smooth transition to Shopify, we optimize and tailor customizations for your brand.

Review & 


Post-review, we make prompt adjustments to align everything perfectly with your expectations.

Launch & On-Going Support


Once launched we actively provide continuous support and proactively pursue growth optimizations.

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Frequently Asked Shopify Migration Questions


What are the key benefits of migrating to Shopify?

Migrating to Shopify provides a user-friendly interface, access to powerful eCommerce tools, and robust security features. It simplifies managing your online store, allows for easy scalability as your business grows, and offers a range of integrations to enhance customer experience.


How long does the Shopify migration process typically take?

The duration of the migration process varies depending on the complexity of your existing website and the amount of data to be transferred. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. Our team ensures a swift and smooth transition, minimizing downtime.


Will my website experience downtime during the migration?

We strive to minimize any downtime during the migration process. Most tasks are done in the background, and any necessary downtime is scheduled during off-peak hours to reduce impact on your business operations and customer experience.


Do I need Shopify Plus?

Shopify is renowned for its robust security features, ensuring that both your store's data and your customers' information are well-protected. During the migration, we take extra precautions to safeguard all data, ensuring a secure transition.

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