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Transformative Work Leads to 31% Conversion Boost for Better Rhodes

Project Overview

D2C sitebuild & End-to-End Strategy
Shopify, Okendo, Klaviyo, Gorgias, Gatsby
Food & Beverage
Company size

Top line results

The Brand

Better Rhodes is a one-stop shop for alcohol-free beverages online. They envision themselves as more than just a marketplace and are working to build a community that makes alcohol-free drinks fun, accessible and trendy, with products that are truly premium and unique. 

Better Rhodes tasked us with developing an eCommerce strategy that would empower them to become a market leader. They knew their website and marketing could improve. It was our job to determine “why.”



Building a cohesive marketing strategy


Building a cohesive marketing strategy


Better Rhodes wanted to map out their brand identity and unique selling points to empower their marketing strategy over the long-term. We developed a comprehensive marketing roadmap, then held a workshop with Better Rhodes to help them define their mission, goals, unique selling points, and brand.

Improving the website experience


Improving the website experience


Better Rhodes quickly learned they needed to improve their low conversion rate on mobile. Our work on the Better Rhodes website was one of the most extensive undertakings in the partnership, consisting of improvements to both the desktop and mobile checkout process, UI/UX, backend, checkout process, order flow, messaging, and customer service. We leveraged the Shopify Store 2.0 framework to build a dedicated Canadian website and prototype US website, opting for a phased launch.

Overcoming the customer retention problem


Overcoming the customer retention problem


With first-time buyers representing roughly 75% of all customers, Better Rhodes needed to find a way to turn first-time buyers into long-term customers. We also discovered that the top 50-100 of the company's SKUs drove over 75% of the business. Rather than trying to generate individual sales, we proposed a strategy that leverages an enhanced social media presence and focused on subscription benefits such as curated boxes of beverages. Loyalty and referral programs alongside improved email segmentation would further assist the brand in engaging and recapturing VIPs.

Growing Pains

Better Rhodes was suffering from success. Their business grew faster than they'd expected, and they struggled to keep pace. We set out to redesign their website and devise an accompanying strategy to support both present and future growth by shifting the focus to their most important audience: mobile users.

Diving Deep to Create a Better Brand

Our partnership with Better Rhodes started with a comprehensive assessment of their customer experience both on-site and off. 

Externally, we completed several extensive interviews with Better Rhodes' customers, determining their likes, dislikes, demographic details, and expectations for the brand. We also reviewed the company's social feeds for possible insights on brand voice. Internally, we examined the analytics of the Better Rhodes website, including SEO metrics, Shopify Funnel data, and key performance indicators. 

This allowed us to identify several key areas of focus, the bottlenecks holding Better Rhodes back, and what could be done to address them. 

The Solution

A Top-to-Bottom CX Rework

If a business's website offers a poor user experience, little else matters— neither the quality of products nor the price. On the other hand, if a brand offers a memorable and engaging experience? That keeps people coming back. 

That's why one of our first steps in our partnership with Better Rhodes was a complete redesign of their website consisting of the following: 

  • Implementing a seamless checkout experience with streamlined payment and accurate, clearly-communicated shipping details.
  • Eliminating pop ups and implementing less complex, more linear navigation.
  • Optimizing the site's UI, UX, and backend for mobile users. 
  • Reworking on-site messaging for ease and clarity. 
  • Incorporating lifestyle imagery for more engaging product listings. 
  • Improving product categorization, organization, and search. 
  • Improving product page information with user-generated product reviews and recommendations. 
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Creating the Toolkit for Success

The right technology can make all the difference in the world for a brand. That's why, while we were building a store based on the Shopify Store 2.0 Framework, we also recommended that Better Rhodes leverage the following solutions:

  • Okendo for on-site product reviews. This would allow Better Rhodes to build trust with its audience through authentic, credible user-generated content. 
  • Gorgias for a full-featured customer service helpdesk. Support is crucial to providing an exceptional eCommerce user experience, particularly in a niche with high order values.  
  • Klaviyo for email flows such as abandoned cart notifications. This would also allow Better Rhodes to deliver personalized content at various touch points via email and SMS. 
  • Gatsby for automated influencer sourcing and management, giving Better Rhodes yet another avenue through which they can build and leverage a loyal customer base.

Preparing for Launch

We wrapped all of the above into a phased launch strategy. Our first step would be the development of a dedicated Canadian website, with plans to launch in November 2021. We simultaneously built a prototype US website, which launched in December.

The Value of Loyalty

Invest in your customers, and they'll invest in your brand in response. Beyond the rework, much of our approach focused on acquiring, cultivating, and retaining customers. Alongside optimization of Better Rhodes' social and email marketing strategies, we created subscription pages for Wine, Beer, and Cocktail Clubs.

The Results

A Toast to Optimized Performance

We built Better Rhodes a website that improved every aspect of the customer experience, from the top of the funnel through to the bottom. 

The new website was immediately a hit with better Rhodes' customers — who reported finding and recommending products was 90% easier. Even better, average order value increased by 40% and Better Rhodes saw a 31% increase in overall conversion rates. They also benefited from a considerable drop in both checkout and cart abandonment.

The changes we made appear to have had a particularly pronounced impact on Better Rhodes' mobile audience, as well. Mobile bounce rate dropped by 27.6%, leading to a 40% increase in mobile transactions.

When Better Rhodes first contacted us, they had a simple website and a big idea. Now, they have both the technical foundation for a strong digital presence and the knowledge and experience necessary to fully leverage it. The market for premium non-alcoholic beverages is still relatively new, but with Parkfield’s data-driven approach, Better Rhodes is now positioned to carry that market to new heights.

 And if you ask us, that's worth raising a glass to.

Boost to Average Order Value
Reduction to Checkout Abandonment
Decrease to Cart Abandonment
Mobile Bounce Rate Decrease
Increase for Mobile Transactions


Sloane Sweitzer
VP Operations
"Working with Parkfield Commerce has been a great experience. They helped us build a beautiful website to drive traffic. More importantly, they taught us to think like our customers — to come up with engagement ideas that prior to our partnership, we'd never have considered."

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