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igourmet pivots perfectly to Shopify, nailing their Q4 sales targets and increasing conversions by over 30%

Shopify Plus Migration
Shopify Plus, Algolia, Zaius
Food & Beverage

The Brand

Over 900 Cheeses. More than 400 Meats. An impressive selection of that artisanal popcorn that your boss likes to hand out before the end of the year… if you need a food-related gift, igourmet has you covered. With more than 30 years in the business, these guys know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to gourmet artisan food.

Unfortunately, until recently, they didn’t quite know how to approach eCommerce.

With an outdated online store built on decades-old technologies, igourmet needed a partner to help them future-proof their business by moving to a better platform. They chose to partner with Parkfield and start selling with Shopify Plus. They chose correctly.


Hello, is it brie you’re looking for?

igourmet was poised to corner the gourmet gift market, with a catalog of hard-to-find products as diverse as it was delicious. However, despite working hard for more than three decades and building a loyal following of cheese-and meat-lovers, they still had a problem— an overwhelming majority of their sales were coming exclusively from existing clients.

And while repeat purchases are a great indicator of a strong business, without new customers there’s not a lot of potential for growth. Yet despite numerous attempts to remedy this, the brand was still struggling to convert casual online store visitors into eager new customers.

To solve this challenge once and for all, igourmet reached out to Parkfield for an assist.

They needed to know why new customers avoided their current site, how they could modernize their platform to appeal to new clients, and how to do all of the above without alienating their loyal base of existing customers. What’s more, they had to make it all happen before the 2020 holiday season.

Prominent CTAs for 2 key categories
Easy and clear process for creating a gift basket
Prominent CTAs for 2 key categories
Follow up gift basket creation with custom written message

Building a plan

The igourmet team had already decided that the path forward was going to require a new Shopify storefront. Something that would appeal to both the modern eCommerce shopper and their legions of loyal customers. But they needed more. Deeper insight. An outside opinion.

That’s where we come in.

To start, we first performed a deeply comprehensive Discovery Audit. We tore the store apart, looking at absolutely everything that could be affecting conversions: the UX, the customer behavior, overall funnel, transaction friction, and overall look/feel. We spoke to all the stakeholders, looked at all the data, and came back with a gameplan.

Prominent CTAs for 2 key categories
Easy and clear process for creating a gift basket
Easy and clear process for creating a gift basket
Follow up gift basket creation with custom written message

Restructuring, rebuilding, and revamping

With the audit complete and equipped with a good idea of what needed to be changed, we got to work rebuilding and restructuring the igourmet digital storefront. This meant:

  • Working hard to reduce abandoned cart rates by building a new customer flow experience using Zaius.
  • Using Algolia to completely redesign the search function, shortening path-to-purchase and successfully managing a catalog of over 4,000 mouth watering products.
  • Plugging up other funnel leaks with live support and updated on-page SEO.
  • Refreshing the user experience (UX) with a focus on mobile — easier to navigate for new customers, future-proof, and able to sell to a much bigger slice of the market.
  • Introducing a subscription model to retain existing customers and reclaim market share from subscription-based competitors.

The new online store would incorporate contemporary best practices in UX, smarter categorization & information architecture, and an emphasis on not just piquing the interest of new customers, but keeping them engaged with the store and eager to purchase.

With the 2020 holiday season just weeks away, we worked with the igourmet team to ensure that everything was ready in time to meet their Q4 targets.

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Cheese, meat, and insanely good UX

Online Traffic
Store conversion rate
Online Orders
Repeat Purchases

The igourmet online store of today looks nothing like it’s predecessor. Yes, it’s still stocked with all the best food-related gifts you could ever want or need. However, these days you’ll find the store is easier to use, easier to find products, and easier to purchase from.

These changes worked better than any of us could have hoped.

Since pivoting to a Shopify Plus D2C model, igourmet now receives 15% more online traffic than ever before. What’s more, those eyeballs are no longer just tyre-kicking casual visitors. Thanks to Parkfield’s work, the site now hits a 30% higher conversion rate than the old version. This played a huge role in their 2020 holiday season, exceeding their Q4 sales targets by 22%.

However, despite making so many changes, we also successfully managed to retain the old customer base that once drove the majority of igourmet’s revenue. The new site boasts a 10% increase in repeat purchases, thanks in part to igourmet’s new subscription-based sales model.

These improvements weren’t unexpected. By focusing on an overall improvement to the user experience, adding just the right amount of tech to increase customer satisfaction, and paying close attention to the right numbers (in this case, improved retention), we were able to make big things happen for igourmet.

We can’t wait to talk about your own project, and see where we might do something similar for you.

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