Wayzn gives their site a full revamp

Wayzn is disrupting the pet doors market with innovation. They wanted to get their site a new look and improve their customer experience.

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Shopify, Klaviyo, Yotpo, Shop Pay
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The Brand

Wayzn's Innovation came from their founder's experience when they came up with the idea that instead of letting their dogs in the care of someone while on vacation, they could open their backyard doors remotely. That was the point of Icerberg of the project that became Wayzn.

Based on their love for their pets and their passion for entrepreneurship, the company thrived, so the time for a website re-design came. That is when they came to us.

And we made sure to be up to the challenge.

The Challenge

Their new site had to include:

  • Reviews to drive confidence in the product for new buyers
  • Automated flows to generate sales and upsells via email
  • A slick customer experience that makes it the easiest to buy


We came up with the following solutions

Reviews: We installed Yotpo -our client review app partner and the best option on the market- and imported all of their reviews

Automated flows: We created flows in Klaviyo for Abandoned Cart, Browse Abandonment and more!

Customer experience: We build over Shopify 2.0 and our dev team included multiple personalizations to display 100% of wayzn's products potential.

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Conversion Rate


faster website load time

The client was extremely happy of the new looks we gave to their site.

But is not just that, as a result of the improvements we made conversion rate increased to 2.5%

What our client say

“We were really happy with the results of our engagement with Parkfield Commerce to develop our new DTC website. Their knowledge, design skills, and technical expertise allowed us to produce a high-performing site quickly on a tight budget.”

Adam Smithline
CEO and Co-Founder

Let's grow!

"Their expertise and actionable recommendations have set us on a path to enhanced engagement and higher conversion rates."

Jonathan Elbaz Co-Founder, Baz Dental