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Wüfers New Subscription Program Achieves Over 80% Retention Rate

Project Overview

Custom Development, Subscription Management, CRO
Shopify, Klaviyo, Google Analytics, Recharge, Google Tag Manager
Pet Care
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Subscription Retention Rate

The Brand

Wüfers Dog Bakery is a Canadian-based business that designs and bakes gourmet dog treats for pet parents all over Canada and the United States. They take a great deal of pride in the fact that they hand-design their cookies, which are made entirely from locally-sourced ingredients.

Wüfers reached out to us with the goal of both optimizing their website and building out a data-driven subscription model for their products. For a brand so focused on creating and commemorating precious moments between dogs and their owners, offering a hyper-personalized user experience was a must. It was our mission to provide them with the technology and expertise to do exactly that.



Building a dynamic subscription solution


Building a dynamic subscription solution


Wüfers knew they wanted a subscription solution to help manage their subscription program, but they wanted the program to be dynamic, personalized, and to appeal to the unique needs of pet owners. We started by creating a basic single-form subscription page. From there, we created a custom solution that automated shipping cycles, allowed users to customize their boxes, and enabled Wüfers to provide heavily personalized experiences for subscribers via the Recharge Theme Engine.

Improving conversions through personalization


Improving conversions through personalization


Personalizing the experience with a pet’s name, birthday, and other familiar details is important to pet owners. We custom built a database that could automatically collect this information, giving Wüfers a powerful data-driven platform that provided the insights needed to improve customer satisfaction and boost growth.

Accessing data-driven insights


Accessing data-driven insights


Personalization was only the beginning. Wüfers wanted to turn its data into powerful insights that could support ongoing optimization. Everything we provided ensured they had the tools in place to supercharge their A/B testing, ensuring decisions are based on KPIs and metrics that matter to Wüfers.

The Power of Inside-the-Box Thinking

We set out to build a flexible, dynamic subscription program designed with rich data in mind. When a customer signed up for a subscription. For them, the customer experience was the be-all and end-all of this initiative. We knew we had to achieve three main goals:

Laying the Groundwork

Conversing with Wüfers gave us a clear idea of their needs, and allowed us to quickly formulate a strategy for their subscription program. But before we could execute on that strategy, we first needed to do some planning. 

We started with a simple, single-form landing page that had some very basic information about the Wüfers subscription program. This coincided with some creative custom development on the backend, incorporating the right tools to help our client excel. We mapped out and created an automated solution for box selection, product swaps, and the company's shipping cycles, with support for monthly, bi-monthly, and weekly subscriptions.  

The Solution

The Solution

ReCharge-ing Customer Subscriptions

One of the most important requests made by Wüfers was the need to build a robust subscription program. We chose ReCharge — a software solution that powers subscriptions for platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. ReCharge features a Theme Engine on the backend that allows developers to customize a subscribers experience. We made full use of this functionality, giving customers a range of options for managing their subscriptions. 

Our most notable tweak allows subscribers to add items at the last minute, netting them free shipping and a 15% discount when the item ships with the next month's order.

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A Little Data Goes a Long Way

Under the new subscription program, Wüfers customers wouldn't be purchasing a single product, but instead subscribing to a themed box each month. We created a database that allowed the customers to choose their boxes. Now, when a customer signs up for a subscription, they're presented with multiple options, from the box of the month, seasonal boxes, and other timely offers.

We also improved data collection and integration with Google Analytics. Alongside the dynamic database, this gives Wüfers far greater visibility into each customer's journey and allows them to send more effectively personalized messages through Klaviyo.

Customizing Order Flow

We also revisited the customer experience throughout the purchase process, starting email flows with the decision window. New subscribers are given 48-72 hours to switch to another box, and can even choose their first box if they don't like the pre-selected one. We also took the time to improve the backend — rather than immediately being sent to Shopify, orders are now held until a subscriber has verified their choice. 

As part of this process, we created a system that automatically created an account for new subscribers, adding account configuration to the Klaviyo flow. 

The Results

Meaningful Optimization, Personalization, and Engagement

We've helped Wüfers incorporate a fully-customized subscription system, strong data gathering, and supercharged A/B testing into their website. 

Wüfers is now able to offer its customers a better user experience than ever, with multiple subscription options, personalized messaging, and improved order flow. All of these efforts combined has led to an over 80% retention rate for monthly subscriptions. 

And with an even bigger focus on personalization, subscribers can provide details including their dog's name and birthday, and all information is automatically picked up and tracked by Google Tag Manager. Every touchpoint and interaction in a customer's journey is also fully tracked, allowing the company to continuously monitor and optimize their sales funnel. 

Wüfers has everything they need to support both current and future growth, which has led to significant benefits for the brand as they look to ramp up their subscription program.

10% of Gross Revenue
ReCharge Subscriptions
3 Month
Average Subscription Length
Over 80%
Subscriber Retention Rate
Month-to-Month Subscriptions


Ethan Steip
Operations and E-commerce Manager
“Parkfield has been crucial to our subscription's on-going success! Helping us to not only build a foundation on Recharge that extends its capabilities, but also a very cohesive on-boarding and subscription experience that matches our online store and brand very well!”

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