12 Must Have Shopify Apps for 2020

12 Must Have Shopify Apps for 2020
Written by
Richard Emanuel
Published on
October 6, 2020
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One of our favorite things about Shopify is its versatility. What makes it so versatile? Its apps.

Shopify apps are third-party plugins you can install on your online store to add functionality. If there’s a function you can dream up, there’s likely a Shopify app that can make it happen (and if there’s not, we can build one).

Our team has rigorously researched hundreds of apps from the Shopify app store and measured their performance on dozens of client websites. From eCommerce to email marketing and beyond, here are 12 Shopify apps that will help you sell more and run your business more efficiently in 2020.

1. Zaius - CRM + ESP (Email Service Provider) for Shopify

Personalization is a formidable tactic for increasing conversion rates, with 78% of consumers reporting that personally relevant content increases their intent to purchase. Generic content, on the other hand, has an inverse effect.

Zaius helps you personalize the experience a customer has on your site based on past onsite behavior, purchases, social media interactions and dozens of other data points. If you sell housewares, for example, and a customer recently purchased a bedding set, you might use Zaius to show them a home page customized with matching drapes and throw pillows the next time they visit your store. When you think about it, it’s crazy not to take advantage of personalization capabilities like these.

2. Klaviyo - ESP for Shopify

Klaviyo is an outstanding tool for growing your revenue through email marketing. It integrates the actions users take on your website with email automation to send campaigns for abandoned carts, new subscribers, customer win-backs, and more.

For Parkfield clients using Klaviyo, email marketing consistently contributes between 15 and 20% of total monthly revenues. Here’s a sneak peek of one recent Klaviyo campaign that drove $4,500 in sales.

3. Privy - List growth / Pop-ups - for Shopify

Privy is an exit-intent popup app that helps you gain more subscribers and pushes customers to close the sale before clicking away from your store. It integrates seamlessly with Klaviyo to keep your subscribers and campaign data synced.

Here’s an example of how you might use these two apps in tandem: the user arrives on your site and places an item in their shopping cart, but gets distracted and begins to click away before completing their purchase. You can use Privy to trigger an exit intent popup offering 20% off when they input their email address, then use Klaviyo to send an abandoned cart sequence reminding them to use their discount to complete the sale. Cha-ching!

4. ReCharge Payments - Subscription system for Shopify

One of the biggest challenges new clients have when they come to Parkfield is finding a way to manage subscription-based purchases that’s both convenient for the customer and efficient for the merchant. Subscriptions by ReCharge handles this beautifully.

With ReCharge, you can easily add subscription or auto-refill options to your existing products. The app orchestrates payment and order fulfillment, including configurable delivery and cut-off dates, inventory forecasting, and order management.

5. Stamped.io - Customer Reviews for Shopfiy

The modern consumer wants to see social proof before they buy. This might take the form of customer reviews, social media posts or user-submitted photos, and Stamped.io facilitates them all.

With Stamped.io you can collect product reviews, gather user-generated content like Instagram posts and allow for Q&A’s from verified purchasers, all of which help boost your conversion rates.

6. Loyalty Lion - Customer retention / Loyalty & Rewards

It’s a well-documented phenomenon that 20% of your customers typically account for 80% of your sales. This is brand loyalty in action, and the most successful eCommerce merchants harness it to their advantage.

Use Swell to reward your most loyal customers and keep them coming back. Swell enables VIP customer tiers that create exclusivity, referral programs that promote social sharing and targeted content for high-value customers, all things that help drive your average lifetime value upward.

7. Re:amaze - Integrated Customer Support for Shopify

Are you offering support on all the channels where your customers want to reach you? Re:amaze aggregates support inquiries from Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, SMS, VOIP, and live chat in a shared inbox so your team can easily respond and manage tickets. An onsite chatbot answers frequently asked questions, while Shopify integration gives you instant access to customers’ purchase and activity history.

8. SendOwl      

If you sell virtual products, you need a different set of solutions than merchants who sell physical goods. Instead of trying to cobble together a solution using out-of-the-box eCommerce functions, use SendOwl.

SendOwl is a virtual product seller’s BFF, with functions specifically designed for uploading virtual products like ebooks, videos, and online courses and ensuring their digital delivery.

9. Limespot    

Artificial intelligence is driving innovation in every sector, and that includes eCommerce. Limespot gives you an easy way to harness AI to recommend the right products to your customers at the right time. It draws upon the data in your product inventory and layers that on top of cross-web data on consumer buying behaviors to deliver real-time, personalized recommendations to every customer that lands on your store.

10. Refersion - Affiliate Marketing Software for Shopify  

Influencer marketing is an important revenue-driving strategy for lifestyle brands. Refersion helps you manage influencers with ease, with an intuitive dashboard to see affiliate performance at a glance. Build signup pages and onboarding flows for your affiliates, create and send coupon codes, and more.

11. Algolia - Enterprise level product search for Shopify

Today’s consumer is impatient. If they can’t find what they’re looking for within a few minutes (or more realistically, seconds) of searching on your site, they’ll quickly go elsewhere.

Algolia is a powerful predictive search tool for Shopify stores that helps customers find products and collections that are most relevant to them. Built-in business and merchandising logic allows you to prioritize results based on popularity, discount rate, shipping weight, or any other specification that matters to your business.

12. Back in Stock

Back in Stock does one thing perfectly: alerts your customers when a product they were interested in is available again. Customers can sign up for their choice of email or text alerts and get a high-converting message once inventory is replenished for their item of choice.

Need a hand finding the right Shopify app for your online store or building one that brings your idea to life? We’re here to help. Contact our Shopify development experts today and let’s strategize to scale your business.