Why Having an eCommerce Business Assessment is Vital to Your Business Growth

Why Having an eCommerce Business Assessment is Vital to Your Business Growth
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Richard Emanuel
Published on
May 18, 2021
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You’re a big picture thinker. 

You’ve nurtured your intuitive ideas and all you want is for your eCommerce business to be widely known and available. 

We hear you. 
From one business heart to another, we know the to-do list seems endless. From juggling business development plans, to marketing strategies, to your website launch, to customer service, we don’t want you to feel defeated before you even take off. 

But as the old African proverb says, “if you want to go fast go alone, and if you want to go far- go together.” There comes a time when seeking expert advice is the only way to progress - not to mention it’s a whole lot more efficient than adding yet another thing to your to-do list. 

At Parkfield Commerce, we’ve launched, optimized, and supported dozens of eCommerce businesses just like yours by guiding them with actionable steps from day one of our collaboration.

Ready to take your business to a whole new level of success?

Who needs an eCommerce business assessment?

Let’s consider some scenarios that scream, “it’s time for an eCommerce business assessment!”

  • You need help finding customers: First off, we have the “I have a great product or service but need help growing my customer base” situation. This is you if you’ve gotten positive feedback and have done well for yourself up until this point but now it’s time to scale and you’re just not sure how to get this done. 
  • You need help with your marketing strategy: What about the “I’m about ready to pull my hair out with Instagram reels and all these new marketing trends” business? Yes, we’re talking to you… dancing on the ‘gram is just not everyone’s cup of tea. We know. You’re in luck though because marketing is our jam and our experts here at Parkfield would be ecstatic to focus on getting your message out on the socials while you focus on business development. 
  • You need help prioritizing your business growth to-do list: We didn’t forget about the “I’m stuck in a rut” business. For the companies whose revenue and traffic have come to a halt, not to fret. We’ll do CPR on your business and revive it with fresh ideas. 
  • You want to stand out from competitors: Maybe you’re the “I’m being threatened by my giant new competitors” business. This is not a fun place to be. Nobody likes to feel threatened. We’ll put our heads together to come up with solutions to highlight your unique advantages. 
  • You need a helping hand with scaling smartly: Last but certainly not least there’s the “holy cow I grew so fast I’m not sure what to do now” scenario. Is that you? Let us note that this is not a bad problem to have. For example, take how Kulani Kinis Swimwear went from a niche startup to a major competitor in the women’s swimwear industry and needed a strategy to shift gears (btw we were the helpers behind the scenes who helped bring them there). 

In another similar rapidly growing case, we assisted the brand Wüfers, who hand-designs dog treats, with achieving a 15-20% increase in their conversion rate. 

Just like we partnered with Kulani and Wüfers, we can examine where your business is at, and where your success lies so we can optimize and help you dominate your industry in the least possible amount of time. 

Ready to uncover your business opportunities?

“Standing ovation from me! Their assessment far and away exceeded my expectations. They found opportunities for us across the business, from CLTV, to segmentation and customer communication strategies. We are already implementing them in our upcoming business strategy.” 
- Charles Wasserman CEO of Wüfers
What do I get from an eCommerce business assessment?

You know when you call a huge business seeking assistance and you get clicked over to a sales representative? Yeah, we aren’t keen to speak to someone who doesn’t have the proper background to thoroughly answer our questions either. That’s why from the get-go, at Parkfield you’ll speak directly to a veteran who has the knowledge to genuinely assist with your problems.  

Here’s what you’ll receive as part of our eCommerce business assessment:

  1. A roadmap you need to profitably grow and scale. We’ll conduct stakeholder interviews to drill down the essence of what your brand stands for. Then we’ll discuss financials and current strategies to pave a way forward. 
  2. Business opportunity identification with objectives to accelerate eCommerce business growth. We’ll utilize your current data to grow with maximum efficiency. We’ll implement a SWOT analysis and calculate a big picture and granular manual for success. 
  3. A customer journey map to wow your customers and a streamlined process to skyrocket sales. You need to know how your customers are engaging with your brand every step of the way, so we’ll uncover just that while also analyzing every bit of your sales funnel to identify areas to show some more love. 
  4. A tech stack to scale your sales and marketing processes. Let us get down to the technical side of things while we assist in creating harmony amongst your Shopify apps (or any other apps your business runs on). New strategies need to be executed with what's already working and that’s where the magic happens.
  5. A full-scale social review and strategy to unlock high-powered conversions and expedite your business expansion. Stay up-to-date with social trends and strategies for your specific community and industry to leverage the power of these platforms. 
  6. An SEO and site speed review to boost the quantity and quality of your website traffic. Let us audit your eCommerce shop’s organic footprint and identify your SEO competitors so we can turn your weaknesses into strengths. 
  7. Copywriting for sales overview to talk the talk and walk the walk. As the copywriting guru, Gary Halbert, once said, “the written word is the strongest source of power in the whole universe” so with that said, you’ll want to use that power strategically. We’ll sift through your copy and determine how we can make it sparkle. 

Our overall vision is to help you learn, understand, and utilize all these aspects of your eCommerce company to focus on more of a holistic business model that is built with your whole team in mind and for long-term longevity. 

Not to mention it’s specifically designed for an eCommerce business like yours.

How can an assessment transform my eCommerce business?

You don’t know what you don’t know. 

You might wonder, “well, what does that mean?”

Because our team comes from different backgrounds with different areas of expertise from Rose, our Head of Client Services, to Jakim, our frontend engineer, we have an array of knowledge to offer. 

Often, business owners can't pinpoint what it is they need to move forward which can become frustrating. The key to unlocking this is having a team of expert marketers that are ready to problem-solve for you. 

Take it from Charles, the CEO of Wüfers:

“Working with Parkfield is a really great kind of collaboration with a lot of understanding and respect on both sides. Though we work remotely, there’s a good back and forth that happens. I think we started knowing almost nothing about what we wanted to do. But through this process, we now have a strong certainty and sense of what the business should look and feel which is very empowering. It makes us feel confident about what we’re doing. All credit goes to Parkfield for that.”
- Charles Wasserman CEO of Wüfers

Here are the core elements of how we helped Wüfers with our eCommerce business assessment:

  • Stakeholder interviews: By getting to know the Wüfers team through in-depth interviews, we created a strong foundation for our partnership and learned where they came from. We helped them define the core of the Wüfers brand, highlighted what worked and what didn’t, and discussed financials like profit margins, revenue, and marketing budgets.
  • Business analytics review: Through our business analytics review, we unveiled that new customers made up 87% of their total customers, while repeat customers made up only 13%. It showed us that it would be much more worthwhile to focus on increasing purchase frequency using brand-specific customer loyalty tactics.
  • Email marketing optimization: Another area for improvement that we established was their email marketing. They had more one-time customers and again, not many repeats so we assisted in breaking down their sequences into five parts all with different aspects of the buyer communication cycle. 
  • Performance ad optimization: Currently, you’ll see Wüfers’ ads are holistically refreshed from our business assessment. Ads are a major place that we find a lot of businesses are throwing money down the drain, so don’t let that be you! Wüfers’ included highly targeted keywords and is more specific with their headlines for each ad group, which has led to a 20% conversion rate. 

With a turbo-charged business manual from Parkfield, Wüfers has all the tools they need to  expand on their customer loyalty efforts and flourish as an eCommerce business. 

Want growth like Wüfers?

What’s next after an eCommerce business assessment?

The assessment is only one piece of the cake. And boy would we love it if you get your cake and eat it, too.  The goal of our eCommerce business assessment is to use it as a starting point to build upon. At Parkfield, we’re here continue supporting your business through thick and thin with tactics like (but not limited to):

  1. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): With copy testing, session recording, user testing, qualitative analysis, and research, we’ll accelerate your eCommerce shop’s growth. You can’t simply create your website and hope users will find it, trust you, and purchase. You must go the extra mile to ensure they’re eager and ready for more - and that’s where our CRO services come in.
  2. eCommerce UX Design and Build: Whether you’re in the beginning stages of your website development or need to migrate over to a new store, we’ll ensure your design pops and your site speed is up to par with the fast-paced environment online. 
  3. eCommerce Growth Marketing: Our team will focus on ad testing, target buyer personas, and establish alignment with your brand to make certain your business stays true to who started it in the first place. With social media, SEO, email, and SMS marketing all working in unison, your business will cut through all the noise. 

If you’re looking for an extension of your own team, we’ve got your back.

Let’s begin a fruitful partnership with an eCommerce business assessment

If you’re a business that needs assistance getting through growing pains, has a great product or service, needs help growing customer loyalty, or you’re being threatened by new competitors, our eCommerce business assessment is your one-stop solution. If your business is currently in a drought and needs refreshed ideas, you need a supportive team like us to handle your marketing efforts. While you focus on business development, we’ve got all your marketing needs covered. 

At the end of the day, you want your business to succeed in all areas. With our holistic eCommerce business assessment and a team of expert marketers to boost, you’ll get more than just a roadmap for success - you’ll get a supportive business growth network for life. 

We’d love to discuss your business needs

Transform your eCommerce business today

Every business is unique and has different needs, so get personalized, actionable growth plans for your eCommerce business with help from the eCommerce experts at Parkfield.

Image Credit: Photo by Roberto Cortese on Unsplash