Growth of the eCommerce Market - Where Is eCommerce Headed?

Growth of the eCommerce Market - Where Is eCommerce Headed?
Written by
Richard Emanuel
Published on
October 6, 2020
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The ecommerce web design services industry currently is in the growth phase. The rise of internet connections and company websites has made it essential to reach customers for both small and large businesses. Over the past 5-6 years the web design of ecommerce has grown impressively.

Industry value added (IVA) growth outranks the GDP growth which happens to be a main indicator of the growth of the ecommerce industry. Businesses and consumers rely more on the internet that has largely contributed to the ecommerce industry’s growth. With the passage of time, the prices of both mobile internet and broadband have come down and the users are increasingly using digital alternatives for shopping and their other needs.

Factors Contributing to Growth of Ecommerce Market:

Listed below are the main factors that have largely influenced the growth of ecommerce market:

Diverse Portfolios:

The major factors leading to growth of ecommerce market is the diverse portfolio in the different product segments like electronic gadgets, books, cosmetics and apparels. Being the most commonly bought items, these categories are updated regularly with new and attractive offers and deals that capture the customer interest and attention.

The multiple options of payment offered by these sites have also gotten these sites customer loyalty.


To maintain the customer relations and also keep pace with the growing competition, numerous companies are introducing different kinds of incentives to their customers. These incentives include free shipping, hassle free exchange as well as return policies so that their brand loyalty and proposition boosts.

Social media marketing and advertising is the rage nowadays that is being by the ecommerce market that not only allows the marketers to run banner ads but sponsored content as well that grabs attention of customers.

Low Website Designing and Managing Cost:

Another important factor that played an important role is the rise in decline of the website managing and designing costs. Creating a website is not expensive anymore. Small web developers in a large number have started web development and design industry. Ecommerce has encouraged the rise of web development and design industry.

Web Marketing:

Web marketing and advertising has become a large industry. You will find different kinds of advertisement son every other page of the websites you visit. With the availability of so many platforms for individuals, businesses, advertisers and marketers everyone can benefit from marketing on the internet. As more big businesses are trying to deliver their products and services to net users and consumers, the industry is growing at a fast pace.

eBay and are great examples of online retailers. These sites have changed the way people use, buy or transact. World Wide Web has proven to be an effective tool to grow companies and businesses.

With the passage of time, the technologies and tactics are improving for the better that leaves much room for improvement. Online businesses can easily communicate with their customers/clients by different social media tools too and company profiles ion the internet.

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