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Improve your product pages; steal ideas from these 3 brands.

September 23, 2021


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After successfully launching a winning marketing campaign and driving traffic to your eCommerce store, it’s time for the hard part—turning traffic into sales. And the best way to do that? Build a product page that’s primed to convert.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.”
— Pablo Picasso

While building your product pages, it’s not always obvious what to include aside from images, a product description, and the all-important ‘Add to Cart’ button. Which is why we suggest you take a page from Picasso’s book and steal.

In this article, we’ll walk you through product pages from three of our clients and explain all things they’re doing right. As you read, think about your own store—how can you take these ideas and improve your product pages? 

#1 / Kulani Kinis – Great imagery, powerful cross sell.

Let’s start with D2C swimwear brand, Kulani Kinis. These guys do a great job of leading with images and video. In fact, the first half of the product page is entirely dedicated to showing off the product.

They then follow up with benefit heavy, storytelling copy to help sell readers on the products. Each line of the copy is chosen carefully, to help place customers into the story and help them picture themselves interacting with the product.

Her beauty lights the sky.. like an enticing firefly! Can never seem to look away as she passes by! She leads the way... our sweet glowing babe x

Next, notice how the brand includes several features to help cut down on returns and exchanges. To start, they list the measurements of the model featured in the gorgeous product photos at the top of the page. Second, they offer both a ‘Size Guide’ and ‘Personalized Sizing Help’.

The company finishes off their product page with a beautiful slideshow of UGC and Influencer content. They’ve also included a “Paired perfectly with…” section to help drive cross-sales. You’ll notice if you click on some of the UGC/Influencer images that you can purchase other items featured in the photo as well.

#2 / RMR Solutions – Conversion-focused UI, amazing social proof.

RMR Solutions, a market leader in mold-defeating cleaning products, are also a market leader in creating great product pages. They’re doing so many things right here, so grab some paper and start taking notes.

First of all, their UI/UX is built to convert. Notice how customers can scroll down the page while keeping the ‘Add to Cart’ button visible at all times. As they read the rest of the page—and get closer to making a purchase decision—they’ll always have the next step clearly visible. Additionally, that little CTA box helps support their decision by including information about their ‘Hassle Free’ return policy, 5-star reviews, and sizing information.

Speaking of reviews, the company has been doing an outstanding job at collecting and curating feedback from users. With over four hundred glowing reviews, that’s an insane amount of social proof. They’ve also been careful to build a list of questions, similar to a typical Amazon listing. This can help push past objections or last-minute doubts.

Finally, we love that they have an ‘Instructions’ tab. Again, this is a great tool for overcoming objections. If a customer isn’t 100% sure how to use the product there’s a chance they may not buy. By including highly-relevant information RMR helps readers make up their minds on the spot.

#3 / Proraso – Subscribe and save, copy that sells.

Our third example comes from Proraso, a high-quality shaving company that’s been helping men look their best for over 100 years. Despite being a legacy brand, there’s nothing outdated about their product pages. They’ve packed modern features into the page, including a revenue-boosting ‘Subscribe and Save’ option.

Similar to RMR (above), notice how Proraso uses an ‘Add to Cart’ button that follows the user through the page. They’ve also done a great job at including a subscription option that does the same thing. Customers can opt-in to a subscription plan at any point on the page. Fantastic for driving repeat sales without spending anything extra on customer acquisition or re-engagement marketing.

However, the brand doesn’t stop at great UI/UX and a focus on smart subscription strategy. They’ve also been careful to work some benefit-heavy copy into the product description that addresses their audience’s pain points. 

Proraso's Beard Balm is formulated to soothe, soften and condition shorter beard hair and ease any itch or discomfort as it grows. Enriched with natural essential oils of eucalyptus, bergamot and rosemary, it gives a long-lasting refreshing effect and a nod to Proraso's instantly recognizable signature shaving scent.

Itchy or uncomfortable growth periods are a frustrating part of having a beard. Proraso speaks directly to these user needs throughout their copy, helping overcome fears/doubts held by their prospective customers.

What you can learn…

Head over to your eCommerce store and take a look at your product pages. How do you measure up? Are you doing everything in your power to maximize conversions? More specifically, check to make sure you’re:

  • Using great imagery and video that shows your product in use.
  • Weaving benefits, emotion, and storytelling into your copy.
  • Driving cross-sales with UGC or recommender systems.
  • Leveraging UI/UX that emphasizes the right features and is built to convert.
  • Including reviews, feedback, questions, and product instructions.
  • If applicable, offering a subscription service that saves the customer money.

However, just like Kulani Kinis’ sizing guide and model measurements, it’s likely that your specific products could benefit from custom-tailored features. For example, if you’re in the pet supply industry, you may need an option to filter by puppy size. If you’re in food/beverage, you may need allergy, kosher, or halal information front and center.

As you build your product pages, we’d be happy to advise on some of the more ‘you-specific’ features that help turn casual readers into eager buyers. Get help, by jumping on a free call with our expert team.

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