Parkfield Commerce Named Top Agency for 2021

December 4, 2020
Emma Perrotta
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Dec 3, 2020 -- DesignRush has recognized Parkfield Commerce as a top ‘Shopify website design’ agency that delivers in the following categories:

DesignRush is a company which helps brands choose the right digital marketing agency for their needs. Their specialty is matching brands and agencies for long-term business growth and strong ROI. Their team member’s extensive agency experience allows DesignRush to understand a brand’s needs and streamline the process of selecting and hiring the right firm for its goals.

Parkfield Commerce is thrilled to be part of their roster. We’re a digital marketing agency which specializes in pivoting B2B businesses to the D2C marketplace. Our experts interpret wholesale buyer behavior and convert it into a winning D2C strategy.

Emma Perrotta
Results-driven marketing leader, known for leading marketing teams in the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Italy, and Balkans (emerging market), always brings a unique mix of innovation, creativity, and technical abilities. Track record of B2B leads generation strategies and conversion rate optimization. A passionate and dynamic team creator with in-depth experience in inspiring and motivating members and startups.
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