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Parkfield Named Top eCommerce Development Company

Ria Fiscina
Minute read
June 25, 2020

Jun 24, 2020 – DesignRush has recognized Parkfield as a Top eCommerce Development company.

DesignRush is a company which helps brands choose the right digital marketing agency for their needs. They specialize in matching brands and agencies for long-term business growth and strong ROI. Their success comes down to their team members, who have extensive agency experience. This allows them to understand the brand’s needs and how to select and hire the best firm for its goals.

Parkfield is thrilled to be a part of their roster. We specialize in pivoting B2B businesses to the D2C market. Our strength lies in interpreting buyer behavior from wholesale and converting it to a D2C strategy.

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Ria Fiscina

Ria is Parkfield's resident data geek. She's an accomplished SEO Analyst with over a decade of experience. Ria's background in copy development and editing combined with her expertise with analytical data enables her to effectuate positive change in digital campaigns.


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