SMS, Facebook Messenger & More: 10 High-Converting Templates for BFCM

SMS, Facebook Messenger & More: 10 High-Converting Templates for BFCM
Written by
Richard Emanuel
Published on
November 18, 2020
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We’ve talked at length in previous posts about the benefits of SMS marketing, like the fact that text messages have an open rate of nearly 100%, they’re highly customizable, and they allow you to have a continuous conversation with your customers. Now, channels like Facebook Messenger present additional opportunities to use similar bite-sized messaging to reach customers on the go in a text-style interface. 

Together, SMS and Facebook messaging are a powerful tool for reaching Black Friday customers who are familiar with your brand and primed to shop. 

With the help of apps like PostScript and Attentive for SMS and Recart for Facebook Messenger, you can own all of the communication channels associated with your online store and gain increased buy-in from customers to market to them. Plus, you’ll enjoy the highest open rates of any form of marketing during the most lucrative shopping season of the year. 

Use these ten templates to craft engaging, high-converting messages for SMS marketing and Facebook Messenger during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

1. The Preview

A day or two before your Black Friday sales go live, send a message letting your subscribers know what to expect. Prime them on the deals you’ll be offering, the day and time your sales will launch and the best ways to shop. 

One great idea for a call to action in your preview message is to invite users to log in and add their favorite items to their cart ahead of time. This way, when your sales hit, all they have to do is return to your site and hit the checkout button. 


Preview SMS Text Template

2. The Kickoff Announcement

Make sure your subscribers are first to know when the deals go live by sending a message as soon as your sales launch. 

If you offer interactive chat options, this is a great opportunity to invite subscribers to engage with you further to find the perfect gift or get their questions answered. 


Kickoff Announcement SMS Text Template

3. The Exclusive Promo

It’s a big display of trust when a customer hands over their mobile phone number and opts in to receive text message marketing from your brand. Make it worth their while with a special promo code exclusively for your SMS subscribers. 

SMS messaging apps like PostScript and Attentive integrate directly with Shopify so it’s easy to share designated promo codes with specific user segments. 


Exclusive Promo SMS Text Template

4. The Featured Product

Throughout the duration of Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) week, use messaging to highlight your best gifting products and promote doorbuster deals. To increase conversion rates, take advantage of your CRM integration and personalize the message based on a user’s past purchase behavior. 


Featured Product SMS Text Template

5. The Special Offer

Not all BFCM deals need to involve a discount. Other offers, like free shipping, gift wrapping, bonus loyalty points or a complimentary upgrade like engraving, can sweeten the deal without eating into your profits. 


Special Offer SMS Text Template

6. The Abandoned Cart

If you’re not using SMS or Facebook messaging to recover abandoned carts, you’re missing out on a lucrative and low-friction revenue opportunity.  

Recart’s abandoned cart messenger campaigns make it easy to entice shoppers to come back and complete their purchase with an image-driven message and clear call to action button. This campaign results in an average open rate of more than 85% and click rates of more than 25%. 

Recart's Abandoned Cart SMS & Facebook Messenger

7. The Loyal Customer

For retailers in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle verticals, the top 5% of customers by lifetime value are responsible for generating about a third of total revenue--and in some cases up to 40%. That’s a huge reason to focus on giving your most loyal customers the VIP treatment. 

Now’s not the time to be stingy. Go all out with high-value discounts for this valuable customer segment during BFCM. 


Loyal Customer SMS Text Template

8. The Shipping Deadline Reminder

Shipping timelines are longer than usual this year. Set clear expectations among your customers while driving last-minute orders with helpful shipping deadline reminders for key gifting dates. 


Shipping Deadline Reminder SMS Text Template

9. The Local Option

This year, COVID-wary customers are especially responsive to in-store shopping alternatives like buy online, pickup in store (known as BOPIS).

If you have a brick-and-mortar location, use data from your CRM to build a segment of local subscribers and promote your offers that are exclusive to in-person customers, like curbside pickup or local delivery. 


Local Option SMS Text Template

10. The Last-Chance Offer

BFCM isn’t over ‘til it’s over, so don’t neglect the chance to win every last sale by reminding customers to shop as the clock ticks down. Consider reserving one or two doorbusters that go live during the last few hours of your sale to win over on-the-fence shoppers. 


Last-Chance Offer SMS Text Template

By combining short, offer-driven messaging with high-engagement channels like SMS and Facebook Messenger, you’ll capture customers with a high purchase intent and win your share of the projected $190 billion consumers will spend online this holiday season. 

Are you using text messaging to win repeat customers and increase brand loyalty? If the answer is anything but a resounding ‘yes,’ enlist Parkfield to help you make SMS a profitable part of your holiday marketing strategy by scheduling your complimentary consultation today.

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