The 3 Best Themes For Shopify Storefront 2.0

The 3 Best Themes For Shopify Storefront 2.0
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March 23, 2022
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Shopify 2.0

Shopify has a fantastic user interface/experience (UI/UX) for eCommerce site-building. They've also done a great job of providing beautiful theme colors and designs, with options for wide and boxed layouts in different colors. If you want to give Shopify Storefront 2.0 a try, the first thing you should do is to ensure your store gets a perfect theme.

Finding the suitable theme for your online store that ensures your design is functional and looks great on all screen sizes usually involves in-depth research. But with all this extra time-consuming work, you could be missing out on some genuinely excellent Shopify 2.0 themes.

A great eCommerce website drives sales. However, building a robust ecommerce site is a time-consuming task. It can be challenging to find a theme that offers a good mix of features and design and still within your budget. Below, we’ve selected three of the best for Shopify 2.0 to get you started!

1. Dawn Theme (Free)

Dawn is a high quality theme for an online eCommerce store. This Shopify theme has some advantages compared to others. In addition, Dawn has a robust layout design, and it will help you create an attractive storefront instead of a boring one. The builder is powerful and user-friendly, and new users can use it for both global updates and local changes. You can edit the text images and even change fonts.


  • Free Shopify Storefront 2.0 Theme
  • 1 Theme style
  • Media-forward product page
  • Capabilities for cross-selling
  • Perfect for: Store categories like apparel and accessories; Personal care; Home and garden; Personal care.

Price: Free

2. Impulse Theme (Paid)

Impulse is a best-selling Shopify theme designed and supported by Archetype Themes and recently updated for Online Store 2.0. It is capable of empowering your brand. Impulse comes with powerful conversion promotion design tools to support video and animations. Plus, it has a clean aesthetic design, and it’s optimized for mobile shopping. This advanced framework for Shopify supports over 50 individual design settings, such as sliders and animations on the home page. 

This theme is ideal for high-volume stores and physical stores offering eCommerce. It offers users a simple drag-and-drop editor to build new pages and customize the shop layout according to your preference. 

With Impulse, you get certain advantages like theme-layout versatility with 11 different pre-built homepages for showcasing merchandise, plus eight fully-customizable subpages for presenting content on products. Try the Impulse theme if you're looking for new ways to give your store a facelift.


  • Premium (paid) theme with a free trial
  • Multiple Theme styles
  • Appealing promotion choices
  • Highly rated by merchants
  • Perfect for: Clothing and accessories stores, Health and beauty stores, and Sports and leisure.

Price: $320

3. Empire Theme (Paid)

Ever wish you could create a Shopify store that looked like Amazon? Now you can, using the Empire theme!

Whether you're a new creative or a seasoned design pro, you should check out Empire, regarded as one of the best Shopify themes.

Empire has a highly sophisticated look, it’s multi-purpose, scalable, and fully responsive. Overall, it gives your online store a professional look.

The Stprefront 2.0 Empire Theme is designed to look and feel like Amazon's website. This theme is fully compatible with Shopify's Online Store 2.0, and it features modern colors, clean lines, and eye-catching imagery. It also includes theme integration tools to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in eCommerce design.

It offers you flexibility in design and easy-to-change themes. You can create an online retail store or an eCommerce website within minutes using this theme. It has 10 default ten homepage versions, 8 header versions, and unlimited layout combinations on every page. All the Homepages are fully responsive and mobile-friendly, with the option "mobile full width."


  • Amazon look-alike Shopify theme
  • Unlimited layout options
  • Built for large catalogs
  • Advanced product filtering
  • Mobile-ready design
  • Perfect for: Clothing and accessories stores, Health and beauty stores, and Sports and leisure.

Price: $300

Which will you go with?

With Store 2.0, Shopify has undergone a true transformation. Picking the right theme is a crucial factor for your business. You want the right fit to tell your brand story, pick up sales, and grow your customer base. Which of these 3 themes is best for your brand?

Curious about how your brand could perform on Shopify Storefront 2.0? Book a free call with one of our eCommerce veterans, and they’ll give you a free assessment.