Top 17 Home Interior Websites for Design Inspiration

Top 17 Home Interior Websites for Design Inspiration
Written by
Richard Emanuel
Published on
October 6, 2020
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Users browse home interior websites to shop, yes, but they also visit to find inspiration and spark new ideas. As a home decor company, your eCommerce store must do more than showcase your products. It should help visitors connect with your distinct style and encourage prospective customers to invite your brand into one of the most personal spaces--their home.

As you plan your home interior website redesign, here are 17 muses for inspiration.

1. Homenature (A Parkfield design)

What we love: This New-York-based design shop specializes in high quality furnishings that are as functional as they are attractive. Likewise, the site strikes a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics and displays flawlessly across all device sizes.

2. Joybird

What we love: Choosing the right fabric from a photo on the internet is tough. In the ‘Learn’ section, Joybird offers ultra-high-res close ups that allow users to see different types of fabric in great detail. Accompanying videos help shoppers understand how various fabrics stand up to pet dirt, wine spills and more. A visual ‘Will It Fit?’ guide helps with measuring tricky spaces like stairwells and doorways.

3. J Mark Interiors

What we love: J Mark Interiors understands that it’s not always feasible to see a designer’s work in person before deciding to hire them. The ‘Take a Tour’ functionality enables 3D walkthroughs of various properties to help get a feel for their spaces from behind a screen.

4. Merida Studio (A Parkfield design)

What we love: Merida Studio uses their eCommerce store for dual purposes: as an online catalog to showcase products and a platform to vet and approve designers. Designers must create a login and apply for access, which helps maintain exclusivity. Once approved, the portal facilitates a communication channel where designers can order samples and create wishlists.

5. Atelier Cocon

What we love: Though Atelier Cocon sells one thing, throw pillows, their eCommerce store feels far from one-dimensional. They position themselves as the experts in the space, helping customers navigate to exactly what they’re looking for with segmenting options by fabric, print and collection.

6. Beam BK

What we love: Large, crisp, editorial-style photos are the star of the show, with extensive photo galleries on the product page to showcase a wide range of angles, rooms and design styles for every piece. A separate subdomain houses the brand’s interior design services.

7. Ornamic

What we love: Home interior customers are particularly apt to click between loads of different products, comparing styles and specs. A handy ‘Just Seen’ widget helps users keep tabs on the items they’ve been looking at, which aids in comparison shopping and helps avoid losing track of favorites.

8. Davis Designs

What we love: A convenient ‘Quickshop’ option from the collection page displays an inline popup with full product details and the ability to add to cart without ever navigating away from the page.

9. Peter Dunham Textiles (A Parkfield design)

What we love: A ‘Quote Request’ button and dynamic tearsheets on every product page help shoppers find the precise details they’re looking for and request additional information if necessary. A slide-in cart summary helps more customers make it to the checkout page.

10. Hoppe Shoppe

What we love: We believe the blog functionality is one of the most underrated aspects of an eCommerce website. Hoppe Shoppe uses theirs brilliantly, turning it into a ‘Journal’ to share projects featuring their pieces, design inspiration and how-to’s.

11. Blu Dot

What we love: Creating a meaningful connection with the shopper is paramount for home interior brands. Blu Dot’s ‘Design Story’ takes the user behind the scenes with a piece of furniture from conception to prototyping to production, sharing personal tidbits about the item along the way. It’s a genius way to build a connection and establish the idea that it’s more than just a piece of furniture, but the product of thoughtful creativity.

12. Article

What we love: It should come as no surprise that this darling of midcentury design has an equally distinctive website, but one feature, in particular, caught our eye. The ‘Latest Buzz’ widget pulls the most recent five-star product reviews and places them in a carousel on the homepage to build social proof. Smart!

13. Jerry Pair (A Parkfield design)

What we love: A dual storefront prompts visitors to self-select into the Miami or Atlanta showroom, with inventory that’s updated specifical to the user’s location. Intuitive filtering options allow customers to shop by brand, pattern, composition and more.

14. Pepper and Vetiver

What we love: No one wants to scroll endlessly to find what they’re looking for, especially on mobile. Compact dropdown selectors on the product page allow users to select specifications like size and color without moving below the fold.

15. Structube

What we love: For some items, you just have to touch and feel it for yourself before you buy. A ‘Where Can I See It?’ button on the product page helps customers find the nearest in-person location that has the item in stock so they can experience it firsthand.

16. Dania Furniture

What we love: One of the most extensive ‘Shop the Look’ collections we’ve seen offers room ideas for nearly every piece in the inventory.

17. Fabrics and Home (A Parkfield design)

What we love: Convenient product-page resources, like a yardage chart for common furniture items and a how-to guide for measuring drapes, enhance the customer experience and cement the brand as the home interior experts.

Need a hand creating the kind of meaningful connections that turn casual browsers into devoted customers? We can help. Contact us today to begin reimagining your home interior online store.