Top 19 Swimwear eCommerce Sites for Inspiration

Top 19 Swimwear eCommerce Sites for Inspiration
Written by
Richard Emanuel
Published on
October 6, 2020
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The global swimwear market is projected to reach $29 billion by 2025, with 38% of American consumers saying they purchase a new swimsuit at least once per year. The decline of brick and mortar shopping means that more of those purchases are taking place online.

If you want to capture a piece of this lucrative lifestyle market, you need to have a top-notch eCommerce platform where consumers can find, compare and purchase your products. As you build it, here are 19 of our favorite swim and resortwear websites to turn to for inspiration.

1. Anne Cole (A Parkfield design)

What we love: Upon adding an item to the cart, an original upsell feature invites shoppers to ‘Complete The Look’ with complementary collection pieces to increase the average order value. The sophisticated female lifestyle consumer demands a seamless checkout experience, especially on mobile, so meticulous testing ensured that Anne Cole offers a flawless shopping experience on any device.

2. Summersalt

What we love: Swimsuits are perhaps one of the most difficult apparel items to shop for. Summersalt rises to the challenge with its Interactive Style and Size Finder, which uses body measurement data from more than 10,000 women to help customers find their perfect fit.

3. Cupshe

What we love: Product pages don’t naturally lend themselves to search engine optimization for long-tail keywords. Cupshe cleverly uses its blog to capture long-tail phrases that their target demographic is likely to be searching, like ‘bikinis for the 4th of July’ or ‘swimsuits for a trip to Mexico,’ displaying shoppable images in a catalog-like layout.

4. Heidi Klein

What we love: Stumped about the difference between a ‘Wrap Top’ and a ‘Twist Top?’ Heidi Klein’s Style Library helps users understand the subtle differences between various cuts and styles to make a more confident purchasing decision.

5. Beach Babe Swimwear

What we love: While the swimwear market is a profitable one, it’s not a product that’s commonly purchased for someone else as a gift. Beach Babe Swimwear captures the tough-to-reach gifting audience with a designated gifting section featuring non-swimsuit beach accessories like body oil and coastal-inspired jewelry.

6. Zaful

What we love: While most online stores for swimwear limit their menu items to a few basic categories (tops, bottoms, one-pieces, bikinis, etc.) Zaful goes deep on its menu options. Niche categories like cutouts, animal prints, and more help customers navigate to the most in-demand styles of the season with ease.

7. Ete Swimwear

What we love: A convenient dropdown currency selector lets you easily toggle between six different currencies–a smart addition for targeting international shoppers.

8. Dollboxx

What we love: Discount offers are a highly effective way to increase key sales metrics like units per transaction, average order value and customer lifetime value. Dollboxx prominently advertises tiered dollar discounts ($5 off $70, $20 off $100, and so on) to help edge its average cart value upward.

9. Kulani Kinis (A Parkfield design)

What we love: Kulani Kinis’ core demographic uses mobile over desktop, so we deployed lightweight pages specific to mobile that load in seconds. Because different styles have different fits, we created a style-specific size guide that resulted in a better shopping experience and a decrease in customer support inquiries.

10. Swimsuits For All

What we love: Minimizing friction during checkout is a critical step in maximizing revenue. Swimsuits For All uses a handy ‘Quick Shop’ interstitial displayed from the category page which allows the user to select their size and color and add the product to their bag without even clicking through to the product page.

11. Seafolly

What we love: We love customer loyalty programs because they not only drive sales, they build your brand’s die-hard following. Sea Folly outlines the tiers of its ‘Beach Club’ VIP program directly on the site to entice shoppers with the exclusive benefits they can access by being a repeat customer.

12. Vitamin A Swim

What we love: Vitamin A branches out from the typical swimwear navigation items with a tab dedicated to Sustainability. Offering a deep look at the brand’s eco-friendly approach to producing swimwear serves as a key differentiator in the crowded marketplace.

13. VIX Paula Hermanny

What we love: This online store’s ‘Shop Social’ function is one of the best we’ve seen for easily purchasing a look seen on Instagram without tons of clicking and scrolling.

14. Everything But Water

What we love: A creative ‘Style Stories’ feature helps customers find their unique swim style based on their tastes in other lifestyle verticals, like their preferred lipstick color or their favorite cocktail. Using this tool creates a memorable brand interaction.

15. Raising Wild

What we love: The parallax-style display of images on the product page creates a unique shopping experience that feels similar to scrolling through your Instagram feed.

16. Frankies Bikinis

What we love: Mousing over any product on a collection page plays a looping clip of the model moving around in the selected suit, which provides more context on look and fit than a still image and helps customers make a better purchasing decision.

17. Jessica Rey

What we love: An interactive Style Quiz serves dual purposes as a shopping tool and lead capture mechanism. The shopper answers a series of questions designed to help narrow down their ideal style, then receives customized picks upon entering their email address.

18. Andie Swim

What we love: Most brands use their About page to talk about themselves, but Andies Swim uses it to explain how their shopping model differs from traditional swimwear retailers. Free shipping and unlimited returns mean the customer can try on as many styles and sizes as she wants from the comfort of her own home, which seals the deal for those who hate in-store swimsuit shopping.

19. Acacia

What we love: A simple but often overlooked feature within the swimwear industry is the ability to easily find and purchase a matching bottom to go with a bikini top, or vice versa. Acacia makes it easy to complete the pair with a dedicated link on each product page to the corresponding top or bottom.

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