Top 5 Shopify Apps To Use For Your eCommerce Store

Top 5 Shopify Apps To Use For Your eCommerce Store
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Richard Emanuel
Published on
October 6, 2020
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Looking to get more out of Shopify?

As Shopify experts, our team came together to give you a rundown of our favorite Apps you can use with Shopify.

Have a look through and let us know if we’ve missed any of your favorites…

1. Nosto – Personalize your pop-ups

Trusted by over 20,000 retailers, Nosto provides personalized shopping experiences across all devices.

Using real-time data, Nosto can predict behavioral patterns of your shoppers to make product recommendations, should that be through traditional product recommendations, behavioral pop-ups, or personalized emails.

Nosto is an official Facebook Marketing Partner, and unlike Facebook campaign manager, Nosto not only allow push ads- but their intelligent app created dynamic ads, specifically for the individual; going way beyond segmentation, with personal tailoring.

Find out more about Nosto here

2. Nextopia – Use algorithms to your advantage

Named a 2016 Leading Vendor for eCommerce Site Search, Nextopia uses algorithms to filter and sort your products, displaying the most popular and relevant products first to convert browsers into buyers.

Another loved feature of Nextopia is the autocomplete function. Whether you’re targeting Millennials or Baby-Boomers, everyone is keen to save time and along with a satisfying shopping experience.

The app intelligently uses on-site technology to detect and correct spelling errors, along with promoting certain products; should that be those with higher margins or product the merchant is looking to sell quickly, by pushing them to the top of the autocompletion box.

Nextopia is easy to integrate, cost-effective and proven to be extremely effective.

Learn more and try out Nextopia  here

3. ReCharge Payments – Simplify Subscriptions

Give your customers the power to make their lives easier with ReCharge Payments, the app for subscription selling.

Should you be looking to implement a recurring product service, subscribe and save which they decide the subscription terms or traditional subscription boxes; ReCharge Payments makes billing and order processing easy for you and your customers.

Their fully-integrated app works with your Inventory system to help you keep track of stock and is completely integrated into your website’s checkout area, to not take away from the shopping experience carefully curated by you.

Take advantage of their robust reports and notifications to run your business or use the ReCharge API to customize checkout flows.

There’s way more to this app than just payments, learn more about ReCharge here

4. Sweet Tooth – Reward Loyalty

Working on customer retention? Reward them!

Sweet Tooth is the number one platform which allows you to reward your customers for their loyalty.

The app enables you to create a personalized rewards program perfect for your brand, including rewards for referrals and social sharing to grow a customer base.

With an integrated reporting area, Sweet Tooth makes loyalty rewards easy for both retailer and shopper.

It’s easy to see why they’re used by brands such as Asics, e.l.f. and Vega!

Learn more about Sweet Tooth here

5. Know Your Customer – Use knowledge to market better

How well do you know who shops your Shopify store? How do you target them on Facebook?

Know Your Customer takes the guesswork out of creating Facebook audiences, providing Shopify store owners the power to know their customers like never before.

Curious to find out your customers like age, income, marital status, what time of day they shop — and even what their hobbies are? Install Know Your Customer and start creating ads for people with a proven interest in your store!

You can install the app here

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