Top Review Apps for BigCommerce and Shopify

Top Review Apps for BigCommerce and Shopify
Written by
Richard Emanuel
Published on
October 6, 2020
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At Parkfield Commerce, we specialize in BigCommerce and Shopify Web Design & Development, amongst other eCommerce platforms. And so we are always looking for the best apps & features to help our clients get the most out of these platforms.

Reviews have become an important currency for online stores.

They are a way to build trust and credibility with customers who are more inclined to buy from stores with positive reviews from other people than those without.

If you run your store through BigCommerce or Shopify, there are apps that you can use to collect and display those important reviews and here we review those review apps to see what they have to offer.


Trustpilot is one of the best known of the review apps and can be used by stores operating any system from standalone websites to massive e-commerce brands.

Founded in 2007 in Demark by Peter Muhlmann, the inspiration was that his mum wanted to know what people thought about products before buying them – so he created a dedicated app to collect these reviews and Trustpilot was born.

The app integrates with BigCommerce and Shopify easily and lets you identify trends, showing your strengths and weaknesses in your customer service process based on reviews.

The app is free to display reviews on your site.

View the app here.


Our Shopify Web Design Team highly recommend the Yotpo app. It allows you to collect and curate reviews as well as photos and questions received from customers to provide information and reassurance for customers.

The app also integrates with a number of marketing tools including Facebook and Instagram Ads as well as Google AdWords.

The basic version is free and you can upgrade to access extra features such as displaying user-generated photos, a Google seller rating and offer coupons through the app.

View the app here.

Product Reviews

Product Reviews is Shopify’s own app to show reviews from your customers on your store and is free to use.

It allows you to easily customize the information to match the look of your store and you can also import and export data to a spreadsheet.

The app also helps to boost the SEO of your store with Google by allowing reviews to show in search results.

View the app here.

Verified Reviews

Verified Reviews is a similar app to Product Reviews but designed for BigCommerce websites rather than Shopify.

It automatically sends an email to customers after a purchase on a delay setting you select and then prompts them to leave a review.

Those reviews can then easily be shown on your website to increase sales and also help with SEO.

The reviews can also be shared on Facebook by the reviewer and onto a page by the shop owner.

View the app here.

Other Shopify apps

Loox is a Shopify app that is aimed primarily at fashion stores but can be used by anyone.

The store allows customers to upload photos of themselves wearing the items they have purchased and pairs this with their reviews.

View the app here.

Kudobuzz is aimed at sharing those important product reviews on social media and uses a single line of code added to the website to collect reviews and boost SEO.

You can either show reviews at the bottom of product pages or even have a full reviews page.

It is free to download then there are charges between $10-40 depending on your usage.

View the app here.