Want to find out the most important thing we learned about in eCommerce during 2019?

October 6, 2020
Richard Emanuel
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Then check out Ria’s interview on the eCommerce MasterPlan Growth Series!

One of the newest members to the Parkfield team, Ria Fiscina is an accomplished SEO Analyst. She’s been in the industry for 10 years and her background in copy development combined with her expertise in analytics data has enabled her to effectuate positive results for many business’ digital campaigns.

The episode Ria appears in is eCommerce MasterPlan’s latest instalment to their annual growth series, episode 251: What is the most important thing we learnt in eCommerce in 2019? Our eCommerce Experts discuss. The episode gets advice directly from the mouths of the digital marketing industry’s leading talent to help you with the coming year’s plans.

Give a listen:

Richard Emanuel
Rich, the CEO of Parkfield, is a direct marketing pro with a decade of experience helping companies build, grow, and re-imagine their businesses. Rich focuses on using data and technology to create marketing solutions that capitalize on business opportunities and drive growth.
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