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Shopify’s New Integration With Hero Now Makes Virtual Shopping Possible

October 6, 2020
Thierry Diallo
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As the world races to find a vaccine for COVID-19, consumers are still more comfortable making their purchases online. Just last month in June, online sales grew to a whopping 76%.

It’s been hard for retailers, who now have to find creative ways to sell their products while respecting social distancing rules. One app that’s helped them survive is Hero, a conversational commerce tool that recently collaborated with Shopify.

What Is the Hero Shopping App?

Hero is a virtual shopping app that helps stores connect with their customers in-person, via text, chat, or video. It recreates an in-store experience for the customer without ever having them leave their home.

Thousands of stores such as Nike and Adidas are using Hero to boost their in-store and online sales.

Shopify has released many collaborations to help merchants navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, such as their recent partnership with Walmart. Their new integration with Hero will offer a more immersive shopping experience for your customers.

“Shopify and Hero share a mission of making commerce better,” says Ian Black, director of retail at Shopify. “Conversational commerce is a game changer for omni-channel merchants looking to connect their customers with store associates virtually, and grow their business in new ways. We’re thrilled to be able to bring it to the Shopify community with Hero.”

How Hero for Shopify Works

It’s going to take a while for retail foot-traffic to get back to normal. Shopify’s new integration with Hero is exactly what stores need to adapt to COVID-19.

Most customers start their shopping online, but they don’t have the confidence to purchase as they do in-store. They either get stuck talking to customer service or get left on hold.

With Hero, stores can instantly chat with their customers via text, chat, and video from the mobile app. You’ll be able to answer their product questions and provide virtual advice.

Customers will then have the choice to either make their purchase online or in-store. No matter how a customer decides to buy, your store will always get the credit.

Get Started With Hero Today

Hero is easy to set up on your Shopify store. With a unique invite code, you can start adding store locations and team members by downloading the Hero app on IOS and Android. Feel free to contact the hero team to learn more.

Shopify is one of the most versatile eCommerce software out there. To learn more about some of their recent updates, check out our blog post on what came out on the platform last June.

Thierry Diallo
Thierry is a freelance writer who's obsessed with eComm and digital marketing. He likes to play piano and binge watch Robert De Niro movies.
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